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Naked for Life: Lush’s Package-Free Products

Every day we use countless packages, wrappers, and containers that just end up in the trash. For this week’s article, I decided to change up my shower routine and add in a few non-traditional items. In the last year, Lush’s new package-free products have become a big hit in the sustainable crowd. And for a person constantly on the go, I need something that can go through TSA with no hassle. So when I heard of these magical package free bars, I was all in.

To start my week out, I naturally took a trip down the little rabbit hole of Lush Cosmetics. There’s a reason you can smell a Lush shop before it’s even in sight. A lot of its products are “naked”, or sold without packaging. Uber popular items like bath bombs, bubble bars, and soap come package free and full of fragrance. If you can navigate with your sense of smell overridden, take a gander at the package free section. Through detailed research and recommendations from the employees, I ended up with four new products: Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar, Gritty Politti cleanser, Avocado Wash, and a Little Pot of Energy body lotion. To properly review each of these products, I used a new product every day for maximum reviewing purposes.


Day One: Body Lotion

I wanted to start the four days out slow, and work up toward the ones I was most excited about. An easy first-day choice: lotion. If you have ever used one of Lush’s massage bars, the Little Pot Of Energy is quite similar. Just warm it up in your hands, and it glides on like a charm. Unlike the massage bars however, the lotion bar absorbs almost immediately and never feels too heavy or greasy. It has a slightly powdery consistency to the touch once it’s applied, making it perfect for moisturizing in a hurry.


Day Two: Body Wash

Originally, when you see Lush’s new line of solid shower gels, you immediately think that it’s just a fancy new bar soap, but not at all once you hop into the shower. With one swipe, the bar immediately leaves a trail of liquefied shower gel. The result is essentially what it is like with a normal shower gel, but a little more precise. The only drawback from this product is that it is not quite as hydrating as a liquid form.


Day Three: Face Cleanser

This product I quite enjoyed. The little exfoliating beads really help to remove any excess skin and dirt, all while making your face baby smooth. The bar is moist, but not oily, leaving your skin feeling hydrated but not overly saturated. 10/10 from me.


Day Four: Shampoo Bar

Finally, day four came, and I got to break out the shampoo bar. This was the product I was most excited to try. Shampoo bars are sweeping the eco-conscious community, and for good reason. The bar lathered up beautifully in my hair and left it perfectly soft and fragrant (rose). While my hair is normally greasy after one day, this bar gave me a little more wiggle room when it came to washing it. It does take time to get used to though, so don’t be afraid to put in a little dedicated time, it’s all for the environment after all.

Lush’s devotion to reducing its carbon footprint is admirable, and their dedication to preventing over-packaging will only continue into the future. So don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new, because, as Lush puts it, “everything’s better when you get naked and ‘av a go.”


All photos are from Lush Cosmetics

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