Mythbusting: The Sorority Girl

I’m sure you’ve seen the articles and posts: “Why I Will Never Be a Sorority Girl”, “Why I Didn’t Rush”, etc. While a good number of them bring up very valid points (money, time commitment), many of them are making vast assumptions that paint every Greek woman like Elle Woods. I’d like to take some time to bust open some of the common myths that surround sororities.

Myth #1: Sorority girls are rich

My first reaction to this myth is, “I wish!” However, I’m glad I’m not skating through college on Daddy’s credit card. I work two jobs to pay for school and my dues and I know many other girls are in the same situation, if not a harder one. It makes us appreciate our sisterhood so much more than we would otherwise. Many Greek chapters know how difficult paying dues can be and there are flexible payment plans in place to make it as easy as possible. Another subsection of this myth is that we have oodles of spare money for the most expensive high-end clothing. Again, “I wish!” And while there are exceptions to every rule, the majority of us can’t afford to buy everything our hearts desire. We are constantly sharing sales with each other, especially for recruitment outfits because, hey, we know we’re in college and #brokeAF.

Myth #2: Sorority girls LOVE wedges

Seeing as how the wedge is a universally popular shoe style that is in no way correlated with one’s Greek affiliation or lack thereof, I’m extremely confused as to how this myth came about. Personally, I like wedges. They’re comfortable, a nice blend of classy and casual, and they reduce the fear of catching a heel in a grate, sidewalk crack, or patch of soft grass. However, I know plenty of sisters who don’t like wedges or even despise them. It’s personal preference! Yes, sometimes we are required to all wear wedges for recruitment to look unified but it’s not some weird overarching Greek requirement.

Myth #3: Sorority girls are party animals

I 100% blame this myth on the media for portraying us as trashy, drunk-on-a-Tuesday-morning kind of girls. Yes, parties happen (as they do in most college extracurriculars) but we don’t revolve around them. We don’t hibernate during the week only to wake up on Friday night covered in glitter and vodka. The core of being in a sorority is the sisterhood.

Myth #4: Sorority girls are all extroverted and outgoing

It’s true that to feel comfortable at Greek events, one needs a certain degree of extroversion given the sheer amount of people everywhere. However, I know many women (including myself) consider themselves fairly introverted. Joining a sorority has helped me step out of my comfort zone from time to time and I couldn’t be happier with the confidence I’ve gained. It hasn’t changed who I am, but it’s made me more comfortable in my introvert-trying-to-be-an-extrovert shoes.

A sorority isn’t all wedges, allowances, and alcohol. It’s knowing that no matter what time it is or where you are, there’s a sister who’s a phone call away. It’s feeling like you can conquer the world because there’s a whole house full of strong women at your back. It’s giving back to our campuses and communities through our philanthropies. It’s crafting presents for your little(s) at 3 in the morning and laughing until your sides hurt. It’s running to your house for the very first time on Bid Day and being welcomed by your new family with open arms.

I’m very aware that Greek life is not for everyone but trashing people for choosing the path you didn’t is unacceptable. Not everything you see in the movies is true (shocker!). We sorority girls aren’t what the media portrays us as. Give that a thought before you judge a Greek woman.