My Snow Day Bucket List

The Greatest Snow on Earth is right here in Utah! There are plenty to do when it snows for the days that you are bored and have caught up on your Netflix Binging. Read on for a few activities to add to your Winter Bucket List for this cold season.  

  1. Sundance Film Festival 

It should be noted that Sundance is one of the coolest festivals that takes place right here in Utah! Bundle up and enjoy up and coming award winning indie films. This is a kid-friendly festival and you may be lucky and run into some famous directors and celebrities while you’re there. It is always a fun idea to plan a weekend trip up to Park City to join a weekend full of entertaining cinema. 

Sundance Film Festival takes place in different venues around Salt Lake City and Park City.

Sundance runs from January 23 to February 2 of 2020 and individual tickets are $25. 

2. Olympic Park 

The Olympic Park has been a popular destination since 2002, especially in the winter. They are now open to the public to experience all winter sports and activities such as bobsledding. The Olympic Park has become a popular destination since the 2002 Olympic Games were hosted right here in the State of Utah!

Season stickers range from $150-175

3. Midway Ice Castles 

The Midway Ice Castles is every child’s dream of living like Elsa from Frozen. It is a hand crafted icicle attraction by professional ice artists. The castles have LED sculptures, slides, tunnels, and more. Not to mention, it is a super cute spot to take Instagram worthy photos at. Go enjoy hot chocolate while walking through ice castles. 

Tickets range from $15-18 and they are open from Monday to Saturday (time varies). 

Other activities to add to your winter bucketlist: 

  • Tubing at Soldier Hollow 

  • Hot Springs 

  • Temple Square Lights 

  • Hot Chocolate at local shops such as La Barba, Hatch Family Chocolate, and Les Madeleines 

  • Icfe fishing at Bear Lake 

  • Go Snowmobiling 

  • Ice Skating at the Gallivan Center 

  • Go Skiing

  • Go Sledding 

  • Go Snowboarding

Get excited for Winter because there are many fun things to do when it gets cold! These activities are fun to go with family, friends, and/or fun date ideas. Whether you are on a budget or not, these things are fun and affordable for you and whoever you decided to spend your cold winter days with. 

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