My Mom is My Hero—And She Should Be Yours

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Okay, I know what you thinking, this is just a girl who loves their mom and thinks that she's the best. You are not wrong, but hear me out as to why and you will love her just as much! My mom is a reigning example as to what Women's History Month is about—ironically though, she would say she is a total tomboy because unlike the rest of her girly sisters who did dance or drill team in high school, she went on to be the first girl on her cross country team. She took state races by storm, but her amazing story doesn't stop there. Before giving birth to all of her 6 lovely children, she picked up kickboxing and has over the years picked it up again (cheers to having an empty nest)! During this time my mom has gotten her third level in Krav Maga, served as a kickboxing teacher from time to time, and just got done volunteering at a women's expo to help women learn self-defense. 

Time and time again, she's been told that she is too old to do what she is doing and to that, she simply says no. She said that regardless of age women are being sexually targeted and acted upon so we deserve a means of protection. Safety and protection aside, working out gives you a sense of pride and joy for a job well done and let me tell you, I took a class with my mom and it absolutely kicked my butt while she looked to be doing it effortlessly. Afterward, it made me feel strong and also even more proud of my mom. Feminism in the 70's was still taboo, but my mom was one anyway. The moral of the story, that doesn't even cover all of hers, is that if she can do this with kids, with the times, and through the difficulty, she takes on every day, all women can too. 

This isn't to say you need to do all of this to be a strong woman. Rather, you need to do what makes you happy and empowered. Running and kickboxing are not my things. I love to dance and sing and ultimately am super girly compared to my mom. But she has been to every performance growing up, cheering me on through it all. She truly is a lover of all people until you give her a reason not to, and she will graciously tell you why with the most understanding heart. My mom represents beauty, strength, empowerment, adversity, and kindness. All she asks, which is perfect timing for Women's History Month, is to find each of these adjectives and implement them into your life; serving her story as an amazing example.