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My Issues With the Feminist Movement

Feminism is something I strongly identify with and care a lot about. As I’ve gotten further in more majors of Communications and Gender Studies, I’ve learned that feminism isn’t just one way of being but has many different facets and ideologies that fall under the umbrella that is feminism. With such a large range of beliefs and practices, your message can get foggy to the masses. Feminism, at its core, is the belief of equality of sexes in all facets of life. Different feminism and people who operate under the name of feminism have different methods and tactics to achieve that goal. While I always agree with the goal of feminism, here are some things that happen as feminism that I think can be problematic. 


Man-hating is problematic for many reasons. The biggest reason is that it turns men off from accepting and wanting to be a part of feminism. But, that’s pretty easy to see and I think many people have addressed it. The problem I have with man-hating is how it centers a movement with a goal of female liberation around men. It may not be positive conversations about men but it’s about men. The goal of feminism is not to bring men down but to lift women up. Man hating moves feminism backward as men feel alienated and it deprives women of the attention they deserve and lack. 

Centering Sex in Feminism 

Sex positivity and the embracing of female sexuality is a very important piece of feminism. So much oppression of women has been built on the policing and/or exploitation of female sexuality that it’s important to take that power back. Women deserve to enjoy sex and have as much sex as men. The issue comes when sex becomes the main facet of your feminism. It excludes those who may not be as sexually liberated as you, by their own choice. It makes them feel as though they aren’t doing what they have to do to be considered feminists when at the end of the day feminism is about the ability to choose to live how you want. It also becomes complicated when sexual liberation is achieved through endless meaningless hookups. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that if that’s what you want. Women are still allowed to expect emotional connection if that’s what makes them happy. 

Feminism is a great belief. Someone’s gender is in no way tied to their worth as a human being. It’s important we take steps toward a society that reflects the values of feminism. I hope this can help in that journey. 

Henry spends his time listening or playing music. His largest goal in life is to fight against the system to help marginalized communities. To help achieve such a huge goal, Henry studies Communications at the University of Utah. In the mean time, Henry hopes his writing can slowly chip away at harmful systems and ideologies.
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