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My Favorite Bookstores In Salt Lake City

Sometimes it can be hard to find a bookstore that has the books you want, or the feeling you want when you step inside. Yes, you can always order a book online, or use an ereader, but neither of those are as fun as going to an actual bookstore. As an avid reader I love going to a bookstore and finding books that interest me, it’s all a part of the fun of reading! Plus, bookstores in general have such a relaxed energy that you could walk into one, find a book you like, and sit down inside the store and read for hours. There are some magical bookstores in Salt Lake City, and I am going to tell you all about my top four.

Central Book Exchange

Central Book Exchange is by far my favorite bookstore in Salt Lake City. Located in Sugarhouse, it’s surrounded by the cutest stores and restaurants, and it’s right next door to Sugarhouse Coffee, so you can grab a book and sit and read with some coffee! What’s great about Central Book Exchange is that it’s a used book store, so basically all of the books in there are preowned, so it’s better for the environment. Books that are preowned are cheaper than new books anyway, so you are saving not just the environment, but money too. Also, since the books are all preowned, you are guaranteed to find some interesting copies of books, whether they’re rare, or out of print, or signed! And if you ever have books you want to get rid of, you can take them over to Central Book Exchange, and they’ll give you points for them, which give you discounts on the already discounted books in the store. 

Weller’s Book Works

Weller’s Book Works is what I expect walking into a bookstore. It’s a bookstore with tall shelves and one of those ladders that moves so you can reach any book you want. They are located in Trolley Square and in the Salt Lake City airport so they can provide travelers with books during their flights. Their location in Trolley Square is right across from a coffee shop, too, so you can grab a drink and get comfortable with a book of your choosing without ever leaving the building. While the bottom floor of the store has more contemporary and popular novels, the top floor is filled with beautiful rare books. 

King’s English Bookshop

Chances are if you grew up in Utah, you’ve heard of King’s English at least once. It is one of the cutest bookstores I’ve ever been in, and stepping in always makes me feel like I’ve been transported to a land of books. It’s located on 15th S and 15th E, which is such a cute area filled with local vendors. The store itself has multiple rooms, each themed with different genres. You could hang out in the nonfiction room and then move over to the contemporary fiction room and find some amazing books! What’s great about King’s English is that there is a wall of recommended books that the employees themselves have read. They also do a blind date with books where you can buy a book without knowing the title or the cover and try something new! 

Golden Braid Books

Golden Braid Books isn’t the most traditional bookstore, but it is a bookstore that everyone should visit. This bookstore can be found downtown attached to Oasis Cafe, so you can just walk into the cafe from the bookstore. The books in Golden Braid Books are mostly focused on self care and spiritual practices, but even if you aren’t looking for those types of books, it’s a great place to go and hang out with. It’s very relaxed and laid back, and there’s always calming music playing in the background. Along with books, they also sell things like tarot cards and buddha boards, giving the store a more spiritual feel. Also, if that’s not enough, they do psychic readings in the back of the store! It’s a great independent bookstore to check out before grabbing lunch or dinner!

There are so many amazing bookstores around that are independently owned, but it can be hard to find them! With colder weather coming in, people want to stay inside more and more and what better way to do so than with a book? Checking out these bookstores can help find you your next read, and maybe even introduce you to your new favorite place! And by shopping from these bookstores you are supporting local businesses, which is always a plus. All of these bookstores I’ve mentioned have events they plan that are super fun, like Tan France giving a reading at King’s English of his new book. You can check out their websites or blogs and see what events they have coming up, and find something fun to do either by yourself or with friends!

Hi my name is Elnaz Tahmassebi and I am a Senior at the University of Utah studying International Studies and Health, Society and Policy!
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