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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Four days of infinite bliss

Four days that brought back those fireflies that found their way

Into my chest that night in the city

The night of lights and iron

The night that romance slid its finger down my back

Soft brown eyes that looked at me the way I haven’t been

Looked at in months and didn’t think would be looked at like again

The sure happiness I felt to be alive in that moment

To realize that this might be the absolute best day of my life

But you showed me four new ones

Canal Street Station Signage
Ana Paula Nardini / Pexels

The softness of the subway train running across town just to touch me

Long glances and moonshine kisses that I thought were going to be our last

Gentle whispers of parting between concrete and streetlights

The words that lingered longer than those months apart

Saltwater taxi rides into the city at 4 am with baggy eyes drooping to my feet

I would’ve never thought airplanes would merge our two cities to find a space we could exist again 

To be able to feel the softness again

To see the eyes that reassured me life isn’t so bad

That possibility is everywhere

That New York was and is the city

I anticipated it to be when I was fifteen

A place I can find the jar of fireflies hiding for me under the Brooklyn Bridge

A place of luminescent light and pipe dreams I ride on for miles

I want you to take the New York that’s scribbled on your left palm and wrap it

Around my neck

I want to breathe in the air of lilac sweat

I want my nails dragging down the skin of your back until blood breaks loose

I want your soft sulfur kisses

To hear the smacking noise of leather on skin

My wrists wrapped in red silk tied behind my head

To only have you in control

Wet kisses gently touching the soft skin of my neck that you turned into a shade between grape and plum

The marks you left behind for me to admire once you’re gone

Nights aren’t the same alone

I never told you how heavens can hurt me 

But my hand reaches for a body to hold me closer when the clock hits 3 am

But I realize the number 1,970 lies in the blanket between us

Pushing your fingertips farther away from mine

multicolored LED heart on wall

I want to exist where you are

I want to live in the light and chaos

I want to breathe the iron and cement as it trickles through my clogged up throat

I miss the fireflies waiting for me in Brooklyn

I know they can’t wait forever- that their light will eventually implode

If I don’t get to them in time, I want them to remember we once, in space,

In time, in early June, existed together,

it was just us and the lights. 


I am an English major studying at the University of Utah. In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, reading, yoga and coffee!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor