My Big Fat Mormon Wedding

After months of planning, preparing, arranging, and pinteresting, I attended the 3rd Meyer wedding in the past 5 years taken place in my backyard in Boulder, Colorado. My family, graced with long thick dark hair, tall figures, and loud strong personalities, welcomed a 5 foot 4 delicate precious blonde girl into our family over the weekend at my brother Sebastian's wedding. Realizing that my family is quite abnormal filled with drama, beauty, prayers, curls, music, and jokes, my my was it entertaining, and I'm eager to share. Kardashian vibes with Mormon fun. Here's an entertaining timeline for my (brother's) big fat Mormon wedding.

9 Months BC - Sebastian Graduates from BYU Provo.

4 months BC - Sab proposes to longtime girlfriend Madison.

3 months 29 days BC - Wedding Pinterest Board created.

3 months BC - Invitations to family sent out. (After a conversation shared between my brother, his fiance and my mom regarding the desire wanting a small intimate wedding with just family and close friends. My mother-the oldest of 6 children-laughed nervously and proceeded to count out over 80 family members just on our side.)

2 Months BC - reserve temple sealing time slot (apparently rather a competitive process).

1 and a half months BC - Mom orders 35 bottles of sparkling cider and plastic champagne glasses ordered to house on Amazon Prime.

3 weeks BC - Sebastian logs into LDS Family Tools only to be sent a notification that his third cousin once removed was in close proximity (him and Madison were home alone).

3 days BC - Family arrives. Reverse pioneer trek occurs as 60% of family makes the journey from Utah to Colorado for the big weekend.

2 Days BC - “G’ed up from the knees up” (as my sister Margo would say) as the two receive their temple endowments before the big day.

2 Days BC - Personally interrogated for drinking alcohol after walking down for breakfast with an empty kombucha in hand.

2 Days BC - My cousin and I sneak away to buy red bulls before the rehearsal dinner after a sleepless night.

1 Day BC - Kirkland Signature temple (Costco) for never ending snacks and foods to fuel the crowd.

1 Day BC - Sealing in Fort Collins Temple. I get sunburnt waiting outside. Brother emerges with biggest smile holding Madison’s hand. Don't know what goes on in there but I heard a rumor Jesus hands out snacks? Idk. Seems pretty cool.

1 day BC - Bachelorette party commences. High Chews replace shots in a competitive get to know you “drinking” game.

3 Hours BC - I run over a median speeding back from makeup appointment… Starbucks pink drink in hand.

Ring Ceremony - My sisters and I sing an acoustic version of the Mamma Mia soundtrack as the bridesmaids and groomsmen precede my new sister in law.

Photos - Photographer pauses to switch to wide lens to fit in extended family.

Cocktail Hour - Heart rates rise as full sugar and caffeine Coca Colas in glass bottles are served.

Dinner - Never seen so many bacon wrapped dates in one place at one time.

Dancing - Dresses are long enough to really allow full movement. I'm talking droppin' it, twerkin' it, shakin' it, all of the above.

Send off - The most exciting time of the night as we send off my brother and his new wife (to a Best Western in Laramie, Wyoming) with hundreds of sparklers.

Twas a weekend of memories, photos, food, panic, and fake eyelashes. But overall, it was graced with so much love for my brother and my new sister. A big fat Mormon congratulations to Sebastian and Madison. #Sebadison