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So, I’m pretty sure we are all kind of suckers for chick flicks! Everyone loves to be swept away in the happily ever after and the comedy that accompanies rom coms. The one thing I struggle with is finding a movie I have not already watched, especially on Hulu and Netflix. I figured that others would also be looking for new movies to watch, so I am here to help with my endless chick flick knowledge. Here is a mix of classic and quirky chick flicks that I enjoy! 


1. 27 Dresses (Hulu)

A movie filled with love, regret, and 27 bridesmaid dresses. Need I say more? 

2. Failure to Launch (Hulu)

In order to get Tripp, a 35-year-old, out of their house his parents hire Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) to convince him to move out with a unique method. It is definitely a famous rom com and a must see! 

3. Emma (Hulu)

A classic Jane Austin story spun into a movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Imagine Clueless and Pride and Prejudice combined! You have to remember that Jane Austin is a renowned romance writer for a reason. 

4. Lovestruck: The Musical (Hulu)

After magically becoming younger, a mother tries to sabotage her daughter’s wedding…through song! 

5. She’s All That (Hulu) 

A classic movie about Zach transforming Laney into the next prom queen based on a bet with his friend, but inevitably (since this is a chick flick) he falls in love with her. 


6. Dumplin' (Netflix)

A heartwarming film about a girl accepting herself for who she is and showing the world what she can become.  


7. Just Friends (Netflix)

After being friend-zoned in high school by his best friend Jamie, Chris (Ryan Reynolds) comes back years later to win her over. But as you can imagine, not everything goes as planned. 


8. Set it up (Netflix)

A hilarious movie about two assistants trying to set up their bosses so they can have more time for fun. What could go wrong? 


9. What a Girl Wants (Netflix)

Daphne (Amanda Bynes) discovers her father, Henry Dashwood, is a Lord running for office. He welcomes her, but she is not as refined as he might have hoped. 


10. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Netflix)

A touching movie about a writer going to visit the island of Guernsey to learn about life during the German occupation.

With the weather starting to get cold, now is the perfect time to curl up with a new romantic comedy! 

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Jess is a sophomore studying Biology at the University of Utah.
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