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I’ve noticed that my mood tends to match the music I’m listening to. That’s great for when I’m getting pumped up to exercise, but not so great if I’m studying and Spotify takes me down a sad soundtrack rabbit hole. Here are some of my favorite songs from my playlist “Wholesome.” I listen to these when I’m feeling down and am in need of a pick-me-up, and to boost my mood when I’m feeling good. 

The Lady in Blue

This song is lovely and upbeat without being too lively. I feel like it sounds like the good kind of melancholy, where you’re looking back with joy rather than sadness.

Test Drive

This sounds very purposeful and is great to walk to. It’ll put some pep in your step.

Mary’s Theme

The soundtrack for this entire movie is incredible, but here is one of my favorite tracks from the score.


In my head, I call this type of music “40s Montage Music.” To me it sounds like something that would play on a baking show or something.

Define Dancing

Wall-E’s soundtrack deserves a second listen if you haven’t taken the time to hear it outside of the movie. Ethereal and elegant, this song is beautiful for lifting your mood.


Here’s another one from Wall-E, but this time with a bit more harp (and I’m always down for more harp).

Kristofferson’s Theme

Here’s one that may take a few listens to really appreciate. I know when I first started listening to this soundtrack, this was a track I skipped. But somehow, I always kept coming back to it. There are a lot of sounds and melodies that all align to make a truly incredible song. 

Mr. Fox in the Fields

Alexandre Desplat is one of my favorite composers, and this song is one of the reasons why. I love how ‘plucky’ it sounds.

Kites in the Sky

This track is good to let your mind wander. It’s not so overbearing that you have to focus on the music, while it’s still lovely to listen to. This is one of the first songs I queue up when I’m settling in for a study session. 

Bundle of Joy

Inside Out made me cry in theaters (RIP Bing Bong), but the soundtrack has never given me grief. Here is one of my favorite picks from the soundtrack. 

Thor and Liv

Let me come clean: I’ve never actually watched the movie this song comes from. But you don’t need to see the movie to hear that this is a good track. I like the sense of wonderment I get when I listen to it. When I tune into this while I’m on my walks, it somehow makes me more aware of the beauty of my surroundings. 

Little Women

Let me say it louder for the people in the back: I LOVE ALEXANDRE DESPLAT’S MUSIC. Everything he touches is gold, and this is no exception. I love how the notes run up and down the scale. 

Elisa’s Theme

Here’s one that’s a bit slower paced, more relaxing. And it has harp, which I love. 

Docking Waltz

It takes a minute to really get the ball rolling on this track, but stick it out, it’s worth it. Waltzes of any sort are my favorite things to listen to. That one-two-three, one-two-three, is wonderful. 

Tree Strings

This has a lot more ~ambience~ than the other tracks recommended here. It’s easy to get lost in. I think it helps calm me down because the different pieces of the music are carefully patterned to be unexpected but not discordant. Listening to it gives my brain something to do rather than worry. 

It’s Romance

Another track from Little Women! To be totally honest, I’ve been listening to the Little Women soundtrack on repeat for about a month now. No regrets, but poor Spotify is scrambling to try and adjust it’s algorithm for my sudden binging of the soundtrack.

Music influences your mood. Take control of your feels with some playlists attuned to the mood you want. I’ve found that when I recognize my mood taking a turn for the worse, I can take control and help mitigate my bad mood by turning on this playlist. I hope these songs help you on your way to a better day!

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