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As someone who is a self proclaimed crusader of medically accurate sex education, I have found myself to be regularly disappointed by the way my state choses to approach such a subject. In fact, I was so vehemently against the way it is taught, that I outright refused to take health in high school. Thusly, I found my education in other (unconventional) ways. So now I am here to present to you a comprehensive list of the best modern sex education tools.

Sexplanations- The Youtube Channel:

Sexplanations has been one of my long time favorite Youtube channels. Sexplanations, is a branch of the Green brothers educational enterprise and is hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexoligist. Yes, that is a real thing. This is someone who has spent years dedicated purely to learning about human sexually from an academic perspective. This is is an excellent channel if you are looking for something that is highly educational, enthralling, and has a very non-clinical feel to it. Some of my favorite videos from this channel include: Evolution of Orgasams, Erotic Choking, Sex Jewelry, The Ultimate Blow Job, Over 150 Sex Acts, Sex Toys 101, and Cunnilingus.

Sexplanations- The Podcast:

Alright, so you might be inclined to think that the podcast and the Youtube channel would be the exact same thing. However, you would be wrong. While the podcast is still hosted by the outstanding Dr. Doe, it is much more informal. It is simply Dr. Doe having casual conversations about sex with a multitude of people including her Pastor Uncle, Hank Green, and physicist Henry Reich. This podcast is also particularly fun because there is always a sex-related quiz at the beginning, and the end there is a scheduled portion to workout your kegels.

Turn Me On- A Podcast:

If you’re looking for something a little more colloquial and light-hearted, but still totally educational, then look no further. Turn Me On is a podcast produced by two lovely Canadians, who happen to be a married polyamorous couple. While neither of these two have any clinical experience in the way Dr. Doe does. Their own human experiences are frankly educational enough. Similar to any other podcast, they regularly have guests that aid in learning via human experience. Frankly, they might have the most unique guest list out of any other podcast. 

Sex Stuff- A Youtube Mini Series:

Tragically this is not it’s own channel, but a part of a bigger Youtube channel. This is actually my newest little find, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I feel the best way to describe this to you is simply via their own description “Sex educator and “Dildo Duchess” Zoe lingon unboxes sex toys you didn’t even know you wanted.” if you’re in the mood for a good inclusive laugh, then this is the place for you to be!

Slutever-TV Show/ Youtube Mini Series:

Okay, so this one is technically it’s own freestanding TV show produced by Vice. However, I have only ever watched it on Youtube. The Viceland Youtube channel offers both full episodes and clips from the TV Show. Slutever is hosted by self titled Slutty Journalist Karley Sciortiono as she explores the complex world of human sexualtity. This series truly gives a very worldly insight as to how the world views sex, and offers a very unique perspective to my modern sex ed arsenal.

Well there you have it everyone! My complete list of modern sex ed tools. Everything from the more academic to the more casual. I hope that this helps you in your ventures to become a better-educated and (sexually) experienced individual.

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