In the Mind of a Hostess

Working in an environment where you have to deal with different types of personalities every day can be a little intimidating. For a hostess, you are faced with dealing with those different types of personalities alongside some hangry customers. Being a hostess, you have it made. You definitely run the show up at the front, which leads to everything else running smoothly in the back. However, while things are all fun and games, there can be some downsides that every host has to deal with.

Here is what goes through the mind of a hostess.

Yes, there are open tables. No, I cannot seat you yet. I do see that there are plenty of tables, but I am simply doing my job. I am sorry, but some tables are simply not available yet. I am not playing some joke on you and keeping you from sitting down because I am bored and need a game to play. I don’t have that much authority to decide what server will go to what table. You will get seated.

I have zero control over the wait time. I am just as overwhelmed with the amount of people standing in the lobby as the next customer who walks in. I wish the wait wasn’t 45 minutes, too.

When customers call ahead for a booth. I love a booth as much as the next person. Who doesn’t love eating and being comfortable while doing so? If it were up to me, everyone would get a booth and everyone would be happy. Unfortunately, we don’t live in this dream world. You are more than welcome to request a booth, but I cannot guarantee that you will be seated at one. Trust me, I get that you love booths but so does the entire world.

Putting someone on hold. I did not forget about you! Or maybe I did… But if I did I really promise I did not mean to. I know you probably hate me now, too. I would hate me too.

Dealing with anger. I really want to get everything worked out for the customer. I am not looking to encounter anger or frustration. It’s definitely not something I strive for. From the servers to the customers, there are so many people to keep pleasant and happy. I may come across as nice and confident, but inside, when I am getting yelled at, I am probably shaking and crying like a small kitten. I am trying my best. I am only human.

When am I going home? Most of the time, hostesses come in with no knowledge of when they will be able to go home. Scheduled to close on Friday or Saturday night? Forget all those plans you had because you won’t be out until all of your friends are already out and about. Plus, your feet are most likely KILLING you and all you want to do is go take off all your makeup and sleep until noon.

I still love my job. Like I said, hostesses do have it made. Over all the dramatics that come with the job, I still love who I work with and being a hostess.