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Meet Paige DaBell: Lassonde Extraordinaire

Paige DaBell is a junior at the University of Utah studying Mechanical Engineering. Paige has spent her last three years at the U working closely with programs such as The Lassonde Institute and Swoop Camp. Paige is currently serving the Chair of the Lassonde 400 Residential Program, meaning she oversees everything from residential events to workshops. Learn more about Paige and her experience with Lassonde here!

Dream Job: Sustainability & Renewable Energy Engineer or Entrepreneur

Favorite Activities: Rock climbing, backpacking, and baggin’ peaks!

Service: I am currently volunteering to build a wind turbine for the University of Utah energy initiative. 

Least Favorite Class: Particle Dynamics because there are so many different curve balls the teacher can throw at you.

Favorite University of Utah Memory: Being a Swoop Camp captain and rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking with new students! 

Favorite Historical Figure: Leonardo da Vinci because he was a scientist of many disciplines and was an inspiring innovator.

Three things you can’t live without: Family, friends, and great outdoor adventures.

How did you get involved with the Lassonde Institute? I took Kathy Hajeb’s Innovation Scholar class which helped me connect my passion to a purpose. It was a really inspiring class and taught me a lot about myself and others. We also learned about the entrepreneurial mindset which teaches you to not be afraid of failure, dream big, grind, and overall strive to solve problems in the world. After being a part of that community and mindset I was hooked. I decided to look into leadership positions with Lassonde.

What kind of projects have you worked on with Lassonde? Last year as a Lassonde ambassador, I went around to different high schools in the area to teach students about the entrepreneurial mindset and opportunities offered through Lassonde. I also helped students on campus realize the resources and programs available to them. This year I am the Chair of the Lassonde 400 Residential Program. I design and manage the programming exclusive for the 400 students living at the Lassonde Studios on campus. I have helped develop programs and activities like meet-ups, workshops, and dinner events. For example, this Friday, the founder of Black Diamond will be presenting at a catered dinner for the Lassonde 400! Next week we are holding a workshop for students to build a hydroponics system that will grow over 50 edible plants. It has been so fun to work with all of the people within Lassonde and the community to bring opportunities to students!

How has Lassonde impacted your experience at the U? It has taught me a lot about who I am as a person, how to be a leader, and how to look at the world through a productive lens. The Lassonde community is so welcoming and open to your biggest ideas. It encourages you to grab hold of what you are passionate about and to create solutions to the problems you see in the world! All of the resources, community support, and entrepreneurial mindset really push me to excel. 

Is there anything that future residents should know about Lassonde?  Everyone is an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be starting a business to be one. If you are passionate about solving a problem in the world then the Lassonde Institute has something to offer you. I encourage future residents to get out of your comfort zone and make things happen. Go to a workshop, build something with the resources offered, start a company, organize a movement. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, just get started! 

You can apply to live in Lassonde next year here! 

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