Meet Cambridge Science Student Turned Producer: CODEKO

Meet UK-based producer, CODEKO!

What's so interesting about him? Well, I'll tell you what. Just being 21-years-old, Ed Clark is a full-time student at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, UK, one of the best universities in Europe, where he is currently studying physical sciences. However, he is also producing dance music hits that make the masses go wild! He's played at numerous popular festivals, including Tomorrowland all the way out in Brussels in the Netherlands, Electric Zoo in New York, and Mysteryland! This classically trained musician/electronic producer living a double life as a college student and world-DJ feels like the modern Hannah Montana, am I right? 

What drew his fame in the US was his recent collaboration with pop sensation, Austin Mahone, and their music video, "Say Hi". The video features many contrasts of lifestyles, including the party scenes filmed at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and way more! Check out the video here

We at Her Campus Utah had an incredible chance to chat with the producer of "Say Hi" about the feelings of his double life and his music! Read down below!

Her Campus: Growing up, what were your musical influences? Did you play any instruments that led you to what you're doing today?

CODEKO: I have been heavily influenced by classical music for as long as I can remember. I have been playing Piano since I was 5, I have played the flute for more than a decade, and I recently picked up the guitar as well. I actually attended high school on a music scholarship so have studied a lot of classical music and have performed in several orchestras... it is quite different than my live DJ sets.   

HC: With these musical influences, what led you to decide that you wanted to produce? 

C: While in high school, due to my music scholarship, I had to do a music GCSE. I was 16 at the time and this was the UK's version of standardized tests. Most of my friends created original works using their instrument of choice, but I decided to make my record on the computer and layered on live instrumentation. I was fascinated by how quickly I can build records and the diversity of sounds I can create using a computer so have not looked back ever since!

HC:  How does it feel to be a full-time college student while being a producer on the side? Does it get tough? Is it fun?

C: Free time is not something I am accustomed to. I am very busy, all the time, but would not have it any other way. Doing a master in Materials Science at Cambridge its a lot of work, but it is rewarding. I used to play hockey for the uni team as well, but I had to stop because there genuinely weren't enough hours in the day. Music makes that even harder, flying out to shows, record deadlines etc, but its all loads of fun. I am very lucky to be a college kid playing festivals like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, and Electric Zoo.

HC: After working with Austin Mahone, do you see yourself going towards that direction of the pop genre? If not, what genre do you want to strive towards personally?

C: I like making music that other people enjoy and that I personally enjoy listening to. It's honestly so crazy to me that millions of people have listened to music that I have made out of my dorm room. My music has a lot in common with pop since I focus strongly on melodies and harmonies, no matter what I make, but by no means am I just a pop producer. Some of the most fun tracks I made this past year were hard-hitting EDM remixes for Kygo or Marshmello

HC: What was the most memorable thing career wise you experienced this year in 2017?

C: Playing at Tomorrowland was a huge bucket list achievement - it's a festival I used to dream of going to when I was younger, and getting asked to play was awesome. Also, getting a major label deal with Astralwerks/Capitol Records was a huge milestone in my career and not something I expected to accomplish while still in school. 

HC: What are your resolutions for 2018? 

C: Make more music & release as much as much of it as humanly possible! Also, I need to do more sports and stay in shape!

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