Maybe It's Best To Not Grow Up

If you’re currently working a part time/full time job, stressing over bills and rent, anticipating payday, and spending the weekends at home watching Netflix and eating takeout or catching up on all the assignments you procrastinated on... then you're definitely what most would call an “adult”. By definition (Google) the term “adult” means someone who has fully developed. My definition is someone who actually has their sh!t together.

At times when I am lying in bed not being able to sleep due to thoughts of my adult life, it is then that I think back on how good life was as a kid. Being a kid meant you knew no limitations, everything was a new experience, your imagination was your guide, you could be anyone and anything. As we’ve grown up we’ve grown into the idea of what we think we should be instead of who we want to be. We forget that we have no limitations, that we can still grow up to be anything and everything. Being an adult does come with the package deal of having to uphold responsibilities, making your ends meet and having the ability to be independent. Though let’s be honest, some of us are definitely still taking advantage of free roof, food, shower, washer, and dryer at our parents, so we're semi independent, but hey, we’re learning as we're growing.

With everything going on in the world, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos, devastation, and stress but it should not keep from losing that childhood wonder, that childlike innocence that the world can be a better place. The world would be on far better place if we let loose our inner child from all the layers we’ve piled on over the years. Why not break him or her out for the day or even a moment? Be playful. Blow some bubbles. Skip around the block. Feel the freedom. Take fearlessness out for a test run. Let yourself have some fun, might do you and the world some good.