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Mary Neville: UPC Executive Director

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It is an honor to have Mary Neville, the Executive Director of UPC, as one of our Campus Celebrities. Mary is a fun loving and outgoing person who is majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Athropology. She is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and truly believes in helping others and making sure everyone feels like they belong. Her Campus Utah was given the opportunity to talk to Mary and hear what she has to say on her time here at the U.

Name:  Mary Neville

Graduation Year:  Fall 2015

Major:  Mathematics with a minor in Anthropology

Hometown:  Salt Lake City, UT

Her Campus (HC):  Describe what it’s like to be the UPC Executive Director. What are your main responsibilities?

Mary Neville (MN):  Being the Executive Director for the Union Programming Council (UPC) is very rewarding. I am the people person, so being able to work with a wide variety of people brings me a lot of joy. As Executive Director, I oversee our six different boards, conduct weekly meetings with the Directors, and monthly meetings with the entire Union board. I also manage our entire budget. I work with all of our employees in order to ensure they do a good job, but also to make sure that they feel like their involvement is valued because to me, it truly is. But overall, as Executive Director, I along with the rest of my UPC team, strive to make the Union the community center on campus.

HC:  What inspired you to join UPC?

MN:  When I first came to the U, I had a hard time with the transition from high school to college. I was not sure where I fit in, how to make an impact., and how to determine what I would do for the rest of my life. I began working at the Union front desk my freshman year, and because of that, the faculty recommended that I apply for the Union Programming Council. And I have not looked back. It has been the best thing for my college career.

HC:  What’s your favorite UPC memory or memory at the U?

MN:  One of my favorite UPC moments was when I was working at the first Crimson Nights of my sophmore year, this was the moment when the lightbulb went off. And when we were cleaning up after that Crimson Nights, I remember being on the Union Patio at three in the morning, with so many incredible student leaders, knowing this is where I belong. I knew that I wanted to continue to get involved not only to make my University experience phenomenal, but to contribute to making other students’ experiences just as great. This is one of my favorite UPC memories because I realized that involvement got me out of the classroom and pushed me to take leadership roles that I would not have acquired otherwise. I have learned tht being involved means being invested in myself, in others, and in my school.

I also have to say, that a non UPC memory that is near and dear to my heart would have to be this past win over UCLA. That was a magical experience, and by far one of the best (if not the best) Utah football game I have ever been to.

HC:  Are you involved in any other activities or clubs on campus?

MN:  I am involved in the Student Alumni Board, the Union front desk, a member of the MUSS, a member of the Utah chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society, and a member of the Utah chapter of the Golden Key International Honor Society.

HC:  What’s your favorite part about the U? How has becoming involved shaped your time here?

MN:  My favorite part of the U, is the community we have here. I feel as though I am part of the big picture and part of something great. And being part of UPC just enhances that sense of belonging. My experience would be completely different if I was not involved. I can personally attest to the fact that it will change one’s University experience for the better. It builds a community outside of the classroom, and provides opportunities to gain leadership experience, and hopefull get out of one’s comfort zone a little. There are many life skills students can learn by getting involved that might not happen in classes, like managing a budget, managing time, and even managing people. I am part of the school of thought that reiterates, it does not matter where you get involved, it just matters that you do. And if someone has trouble finding a place they fit in, they can always call me. I would be more than happy to help them find that niche.

HC:  What’s your dream job?

MN:  My dream job would have to be a cast member of Saturday Night Live, or a late night talk show host like Jimmy Fallon. But realistically, I see Law school/ Grad school in my future.

HC:  What do you like to do when you have some free time?

MN:  There are so many thing I love to do when that rare free time comes along, like reading, laughing, dancing, singing, swimming, supporting the fine arts, going to sporting events such as basketball and football, as well as enjoying the outdoors by hiking. For the past two winters, I have volunteered as a girl’s basketball coach and I am also a math tutor. I am fun loving, and very outgoing. Mostly though, I love being around people, that is where I thrive.

Vermont native. Salt Lake City resident. Ellie Briggs is currently majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at the University of Utah. She is serving as the Campus Correspondent, Co-President, and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Utah, along with Mietra Aarabi. When Ellie is not focusing on her studies, writing, or editing countless articles, you can find her brunching with her sister and laughing at her own jokes. Follow her on Instagram @elliebriggs and Twitter @ellbriggs - she promises you won't get bored!