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Marla Morillo ’15

Marla Morillo is a bubbly, cute and smart lady here at the U. She’s majoring in biology with hopes of working in research programs and eventually going to medical school. The best thing she’s done this semester is stay on top of all her school work, yeah girl! This has taken dedication from her, including devoting entire weekends to studying. If you’re looking for some study tips, you’ll find her in the cubicles on the first floor of the Marriot Library, her favorite spot on campus

When she’s not preparing for exams, Marla spends her time with friends and family. She loves to go out dancing, and this lucky girl works at the Michael Kors boutique in the City Creek Mall. Her favorite part? The discount, of course!

Marla is currently single, and, according to her, she hasn’t been on very many exciting dates. However, she enjoys meeting new people and is always up for a challenge, whether that be in a work, school or personal environment.

Jetta is a fun and spunky communication student at the University of Utah. She has a lot of energy and an outgoing personality- perfect for her work in service coordination, peer advising, the Department of Communication, Express, and of course HerCampus! Jetta loves social media, writing, and learning new promotion and advertising skills. She does not currently drive a Jetta, but hopefully she can afford one upon completion of her degree!
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