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March Sadness? The Best March Madness Games on Youtube

In normal times, the sports world would be celebrating the fact that it’s March, but to be completely obvious; we’re not quite in normal times. March Madness was canceled due to the increased risk of COVID-19 and March Madness has now changed to March Sadness. The work in flattening the curve is essential and therefore there is an increase in time at home and not much to do. Instead of soaking up the sadness in an unhealthy way, here is a compiled list of five of the best March Madness games from the 2000 era. March Sadness no more. 

A personal favorite: No. 16 UMBC vs No.1 Virginia, the upset.

Although in terms of basketball this was quite a blowout, watching a 16 seed beat a 1 seed was historical. One of those “do you remember where you were moments.” Go Retrievers baby. 

Ah Gordon Hayward, still a wonderful game: 2010 National Championship, Butler vs. Duke, the shot.

A tournament that could define March “Madness” ended in the truest fashion. There was nothing like watching this game. It was wonderful basketball, insane competition and went down as one of the best ever. 

Remember them: Wichita State vs. Kentucky, the unlikely Cinderella.

Wichita State swept the national just a year before and became everyone’s favorite cinderella. The players captured hearts and came back with more power than ever before. After capturing a 1 seed there was no way this game was going to be casual. So did their Cinderella story continue?  

Another Cinderella: George Mason vs No. 1 Uconn, the 2006 story.

After a compelling run in the tournament George Mason was in the elite eight. Something a number 11 is not known for. In a thrilling classic, this Cinderella story made for madness.

I’m not sure you can beat this: 2016 National Championship, Villanova vs. UNC, this game. 

2016 in the world, not awesome. 2016 in sports, spectacular. This game fits right into that category. There’s not much to say, just watch it. 

BONUS: You cannot make a March Madness list and not include this: 1992 Kentucky vs. Duke, possibly the best of all time.

Everybody hates Chrisitan Lattner, and here’s why. ESPN is even playing this game during the time gap due to Covid-19. This game is quite possibly the ultimate basketball game of all time. It segmented legacies, it changed so much.  

Yet another BONUS: For the hometown crowd: 1998 Elite eight, Utah vs. Arizona, Go Utes.

If you know anything about the runnin Utes, this game should be at the forefront. It was the game that no one expected and probably the biggest game in Utah basketball to this day.  

Well, if you’ve watched all of these I promise there is more. March Madness 2020 may not have happened but the safety of everyone takes precedent. Can you imagine what’s in store for 2021? As someone close to me said, “Look at the bright side, more teams ended their season with a win than ever before.” Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay inside; you’ve got games to catch up on. 

U of U Journalism Major! BIG sports girl.
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