Make it Snow on Capitol Hill

With no political experience under her belt, Misty Snow submitted papers to run for Senate right before the deadline. She was inspired by Bernie Sanders and wanted to do her part to keep his movement alive. Snow wanted to provide the Senate district with a true liberal option, because the only Democrat running at the time, Jonathan Swinton, was a  conservative Democrat. She knew it was a long shot, but got to work canvassing and connecting with voters. When the Democratic primary rolled around she was able to win by a 19 point margin, which in politics is a landslide. She now finds herself facing off against incumbent Mike Lee, who is extremely conservative, and favored to win the election.

Why should you pay attention to this candidate? Simply put, electing Misty Snow would be historic in countless ways. Not only would she be the first female Senator from Utah, she would be the first transgender individual ever elected to the Senate. She is also the anti-establishment candidate. She is a cashier at a local grocery store, and doesn't have a college education. In an interview she said she hadn’t gone to college because it was too expensive, and she couldn't decide what she would want to go into. Not surprisingly, making college affordable is one of the main issues she is fighting for.

The rest of her platform is made up of other liberal issues including clean air, a living wage, women’s rights, LGBT equality, paid maternity leave, marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform, Wall street reform, and gun violence prevention. The typical Utah voter is usually not receptive to candidates like Misty, but young people and true liberals are excited about the opportunity to vote for such a progressive candidate in a state like Utah. Misty faces a tough road to November 8th. That being said, crazy things have happened before in elections, and maybe we can make it snow this election day!

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