Lost Your Bestie to a Hottie? Reasons to Never Give Up On Her

Men are black vortexes. We all know that, but if you are the single one while many, or all, of your girlfriends are snuggled up with their boo, it is easy to forget that. It was sophomore year of high school and I had just begun my social journey. I just made the cheer team and I worked my tail off all summer. I was more than ready for what high school had to offer. Especially the new boys from the merging middle school. Right before the leaves started to change colors I met HIM. I ended up falling in mad young love. The following words came out of my mouth, “it is just so much easier to only make plans with you.” Okay, yes, it was so much easier to always be with him, since yeah he was my best friend and thinking of a way to entertain a group of high schoolers seemed to become harder and harder but OMG was I was utterly wrong?! Besides the double dates with our also in love introverted friends and school dances, I didn’t attempt to build other friendships. Yet when my relationship went completely down hill a couple years later I fell flat on my face and it was entirely my fault. Not saying the friends I had at the time weren’t there for me but I don’t think I would have reacted the way I did if I established close friends the years prior, and didn’t make my BF 70% of my world and cheer the other 30%.

Now, I have been fairly single since and I am a junior in college. Throughout the past few years I have watched friends of mine fall down the same hole that has my trace of regret in it. Which is why I know how you feel when you have lost a bestie to hottie and why I am going to tell you not to give up on her.


Men are Black Vortexes.

It’s the first thing I said, but I want to say it again. Men will suck you right in and we don’t even know it is happening, but everyone else does. Have some understanding that she found someone that takes her to a different universe, a universe she needs to explore.


She Will Need You.

None of us know what were doing in relationships but she will need her girl to help her get through the foggiest of times. Even if you don’t know what anything coming out of your mouth means, she will need to hear it from you.

She Will Always Love You.

There isn’t a limit to the amount of love we can give. Yeah, every other Instagram post is of her and her boyfriend with the caption “I am so in love with my best friend!” but if you ever need to feel loved, you know she will shower you with it.

She Appreciates You.

She appreciates that you were the one who kept her grounded and the one to be up in the clouds with her before any guy could. Even if you don't want to hear her complain when you are thinking "all I have is netflix and ice cream so honey stop about how he didnt text you back one time." You smile and hold her hand anyways. I promise she appreciates you listening to absolutely everything.

It is Going To Happen To You

I’m not a psychic so you cannot come to me and ask me exactly when, but whether it is soon or down the road it will happen to you also. You will be glad you didn’t give up on your best friend because she will never give up on you. (That is when you send her this artcile so she knows what you were going through.)


I hope through this time of finding ourselves and finding the people we love that we can stick together. Even if it is more difficult that we ever imagined it to be, don't give up. Eventually we will learn how to balance boys, friends, school work and personal time but right now don't feel alone if you are doing a one man juggling act with your life. If your the girl who is in the relationship, try to compromise a girls night and a boyfriend night throughout the week or take advatnage of our mass social media use and text, facetime, call, snapchat, tweet, poke, instagram your girlfriends because I promise you it is worth it to stay in the loop.