Legit Life-Saving Items on Amazon that Should be in Your Cart Right Now

Last year I had a really eye-opening experience in my Communication and Gender Course. The professor prompted the women in the classroom with a hypothetical question: You are leaving the library from a late night of studying. What do you do when walking to your car, which is a 5-minute walk away?

Dozens of hands went up in the auditorium. The first student shared that she had her pepper spray ready to go the moment she walked out of the library. The next shared that she called her mom. I chimed in and shared that I often just pretend to call people when nobody is available. The most interesting part of the conversation was when the professor described what she does in a situation like the hypothetical. Once she nears her car, she checks under it, and then within a two-second time frame, she unlocks the car, gets in, and quickly locks the door behind her. This was not foreign to any female-identifying person in the room. She then said, “now, men, it’s your turn to share what you would do.” Not one man in the room raised their hand for two whole minutes, but this professor was not one to let a question go unanswered. Finally, one student raised his hand. He answered “I just walk to my car,” and silence filled the room. 

This conversation prompted my curiosity. How can we as individuals be more prepared for situations when we are in danger? I hit amazon and researched some products that all of us should have in our Amazon cart right now, because they could, literally, save your life. 

  1. 1. Pepper Spray

    A cult favorite. If you don't have one, you need three. Find one HERE on Amazon. 

  2. 2. Safety Alarms

    Want those around you to know that you need help? These will get peoples attention, and you can find one HERE on Amazon. 

  3. 3. Self Defense Key Chain

    I have one of these babies and I love it. Want your own? Cop a similar one HERE on Amazon. 

    Or, get the one I have HERE.

Everyone should be prepared, even you.