AT LAST! "The OA" Season Two Trailer is FINALLY Here and I'm Internally Screaming

Ladies and Gentleman, the wait is over, the time has come. The OA season two trailer has finally arrived, and the premiere date announced! Earlier Wednesday, Netflix released the trailer for The OA season two, and does it look just as bizarre and mysterious as season one’s trailer. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go watch season one of The OA on Netflix and then we can talk. The series stars Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Patrick Gibson, Emory Cohen and Phyllis Smith among many. Go! Watch! Right now!

Anyway! Back to the trailer…

Along with a tweet from Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling -- the show’s creators and lead actress -- The OA season two trailer plunged into the world Wednesday morning and was given a set release date of March 22nd. We can all sleep in peace now… the wait is over.

Brit Marling tweeted out the trailer Wednesday morning along with a message to fans of the show, tweeting: “it’s been a long time coming but it’s coming... love to u all for being patient” signing off with a heart emoji. 

While Zal Batmanglij urges fans to not watch the mysterious trailer. Instead, he suggests going into season two like the first season, knowing nothing. On Wednesday tweeting: “Honestly, don't watch this [trailer] and don't read anything. Go into it dark. Much more fun that way...” Well… -- too late for me! And technically you… but please! Continue reading on, for juicy details from the new trailer.

It seems season two will in fact take place in another dimension. Plot-twist! But not really. In fact, the trailer somehow has a different feel to it, almost as if the show has a new genre. It could be possible that each new season will have a different genre of its own. As Brit Marling once said in an Instragram note from November 2018: "Our chapters vary in length, scope, and even genre. There is no pattern." New genre or not, the trailer still entails all the mystery and cathartic confusion season one gave us. Cathartic confusion? Is that a thing? Well it is now. 

The trailer starts with The OA waking up in a hospital room. From there, she’s asked by a nurse – just as the pilot episode – a series of questions. How many fingers the nurse is holding up, what year it is, and who the president is. Since the show takes place in 2016 she rightly answers Barack Obama. But to our surprise, the nurse has no idea who Barack Obama is, and it looks as if nobody from season two knows who he is as well. The scene cuts to black, and The OA whispers: “I did it!” Did the five movements work? Are we in fact in another dimension? Yes! And most definitely yes!

Was I right or was I right? Did I not say in my article “5 ‘The OA’ Theories That Will Blow Your Mind” that season two would in fact take place in a different dimension? Well, technically I said it would take place within Homer’s NDE in a different dimension -- but hey, that’s beside the point and it’s still plausible. I don't know... a lot of those theories could still happen. Trust me. I still believe it’s possible. It could happen!

It’s been a long time coming. Perhaps that is an understatement. It’s been TWO YEARS! For crying out loud, I am so satisfied that season two is only a month away that it feels as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been so obsessed with this show that I even learned the five movements in their entirety! I’m still waiting for that portal to a different dimension to open though… I’d try recruiting five people on Craigslist to do them with me in an abandoned house, but I think It’d just look like I’m starting a cult.

So for now, I’ll just eagerly wait for March 22nd...

Whether you are holding off on The OA’s season two trailer and going into it blindly -- pun actually not intended, but hey it works so what the hell (The OA fans knows what I'm talking about) – or you’ve waited long enough and there’s no way you’re not watching it, you can find the trailer for part II of Netflix’s The OA below.


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