The Joy that is Stardew Valley

If you were looking for an insightful political thought piece, you are in the wrong place. No, this article will be silly and trivial, dedicated to my love of Stardew Valley. What is Stardew Valley you ask? Oh, well let me tell you! It is a game in which you inherit a farm from your late grandfather in a town called, you guessed it: Stardew Valley. You then have to learn how to set up your farm, grow crops, explore the mines, make relationships with the townsfolk, and much more. It is like the complete opposite of what anxiety feels like. I freaking love Stardew Valley. Let me tell you why.

A nintendo switch displaying mario kart is on a display case in front of  blurry convention scene in the background Pexels

So here is some backstory: I got a Nintendo switch for Christmas (thank you Mom and Dad), and I was immediately on the hunt for games I should get. I checked out this site called Deku Deals that tracks prices and deals on Nintendo switch games. I saw that Stardew Valley was on sale in the e-shop, so I went and bought it since I had heard so many good things. I didn’t have super high hopes. I hadn’t really gotten into a game since the Spyro series, so I didn’t think I would be really into it. I WAS SO WRONG. Two months later and I’m already on Year 6. I don’t even want to tell you how many hours I have put into that game. I’d play it to fall asleep! And oh my gosh, the music. Honestly if you don't want to play this game, at least just look up the soundtrack and listen to that, it is the epitome of calming. I could listen to that music all the time, it's that good. Sometimes, when I'm feeling really anxious, I just put on the soundtrack from SDV, and it makes me feel a lot better!

Person holding game controller Alex Carmichael


I don't want to give away too much about the game because I want you all to play it. It’s so sweet and calming, you are truly missing out if you aren’t playing it. It isn’t like those games that make you rage quit and be angry for the rest of the day. It’s a game that makes you feel like you are getting into a nice, hot bath. In the game, you can marry and have kids, as well as have the experience of owning and running a farm. Personally, I love the idea of living on a farm, but I know that, realistically, I wouldn’t like it. Stardew Valley lets me live that experience through a game. However, I’m not going to lie to you and say that that Stardew Valley hasn’t made me want to leave my life and live on a farm even more than before. You can also own animals like pigs, chickens, ducks, bunnies, and dinosaurs. It’s seriously so fun.

So yeah there you have it, an article about Stardew Valley. Nothing groundbreaking, just me telling you why I like a game. I hope that this convinces some of you to buy this game, and if you already have it, you know what I’m talking about. In a world where everything can be so much, it’s nice to have a safe haven like Stardew Valley.