Join the World Wildlife Fund for Earth Hour 2019

We currently sit at a tipping point for our planet’s future. The effects of climate change are being felt all around the globe, enough species are being killed off to bring this age close to being considered a mass extinction (think like the dinosaurs), and our fossil fuel-dependent culture is doing nothing but accelerating the destruction.

It’s easy to take a grim outlook on this diagnosis: the Earth is screwed. But there is still time. We need a lot of change to undo the centuries of damage, and it can all start with talking about it. Environmental conversations tend to shut people down, but it’s so important to bring these topics into our everyday conversations. Conversations about the environment will help change climb its way up the chain of power.

Earth Hour is an annual event designed to prompt these difficult conversations and convey the urgency for change. It began as a “symbolic lights out” in Sydney, Australia 12 years ago and has now transformed into a series of global movements taking action on behalf of our planet. Organizations, businesses, and individuals host events and marches each year to “make noise for the Earth Hour movement”.

On March 30th, from 8:30-9:30 PM (your local time), join millions of people around the world in turning out your lights for the hour.

You don’t have to go hosting an environmental gala to spark change, though. You can celebrate Earth Hour however you want. The World Wildlife Fund suggests a candlelit dinner or stargazing to keep it simple. Share your support for Earth Hour on social media, tell your friends, just talk about it. Be brave enough to start the conversations that have been deemed “too political” and “too difficult”. Stand in solidarity with other environmentally concerned people, and shout from the rooftops that our Earth needs help.

Share your reasons for “going dark”. Is wildlife conservation your passion? Do you worry that your children won’t know an ocean that isn’t full of plastic? Is climate change too big a problem to shoulder alone? You may just find a whole new community of people who share your concerns and want to make a difference.

So turn out your lights, spread awareness, and stand up for your home. #EarthHour2019

Check the countdown, RSVP for the event, and help spread the word about Earth Hour here!



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