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It’s Okay to End That Friendship

Part of college is meeting many different types of people. The beauty is that you aren’t going to see these people every day. You aren’t stuck on a tiny campus with only 300 people in your grade. Unless you want to see someone, you don’t have to. With all of this being said, it’s time to end that friendship you feel obligated to have. We all know the one. The one where you feel like it’s a chore being with this person and you feel terrible after seeing them. At the end of the day, if neither of you are really benefiting from this relationship, why stay? 

We have very limited time in general, so spending it with someone you don’t want to be around seems like a waste. We as people, students, workers, parents, or even partners earn our free time. It’s a luxury that’s few and far between, and should be spent on the people that deserve it. The ones you know are worth it, are the people you should be around. It isn’t rude or selfish to take people that aren’t out of your life. We’ve been taught all our lives that not wanting to be friends with someone is rude and harsh. While this can be true, it is not always the case. 

Some people just don’t click. There isn’t anything wrong with you or that person, there doesn’t have to be. Some people simply are just not meant to be friends, sometimes personalities don’t work well with others. You can be kind to each other but you don’t have to be near each other. A toxic friendship is one that drains you and makes you feel like less of a good person. You tend to catch yourself changing. Being around toxicity on a constant basis tends to make you a toxic person.  

I’m not saying block and ignore. But try spending less time with them, and see if you start to feel more comfortable without them. Stop reaching out, stop making an effort to see them, and slowly take yourself out of the situation. Your energy doesn’t need to be put into a person that, again, you don’t want to be around. 

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Freshman at University of Utah
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