Introducing Your New Favorite Band: Oskar & Julia

At Park City’s Silver Star Café, one will find a restaurant interior that introduces comfortably cozy and stylish elegance to one another. You’ll find starters that make your taste buds excited for what’s next, entrées that make you question what you’ve considered to be good food in your past, and desserts that leave your lips remembering and cherishing each sweet bite.  If you dine at Silver Star, you can find these delicious delights almost any night. But for one Friday night earlier this month, the Silver Star upped its charm.

Local upcoming musical duo, Oskar & Julia gave a gift of a performance for those lucky diners on February 1st. The talented and stylish couple, acoustic guitars in hand, filled Silver Star with a musical energy that left the guests to dine in taste and class. From my seat, looking over the faces of the audience enjoying Oskar & Julia’s music, I see pleasant conversation amongst family and friends, the clink of wine glasses as several couples make a toast before sampling their meal, laughter and celebration all throughout the restaurant. Throughout it all, was an interaction between the audience and Oskar & Julia that would leave some to question if these performers were somehow already friends with almost everyone eating at Silver Star. Had everyone somehow met before? No, but the performance was just that good that it would leave a passerby guessing so.

What made this performance so outstanding? The music, of course. The charismatic energy and dialogue on stage from the adorable married couple aside, and you’re left with a mix of musical styles from these two that ultimately become their own unique sound. Imagine a blend of folk, gypsy-jazz, blues, and country together in a set list. With such a list of different genres, you might think that the transition from song to song would come as a surprise, yet these singer songwriters  are able to create a natural sound that is very much their own. Almost a new genre that would live amongst the list of music above. So much so that the couple have created their own term for their sound which they call “Sauce Rock” because of the blend of many different styles.  Take a listen to “All or Nothing” below, and you’ll be hooked from the moment you hear the introduction -- a gypsy guitar solo that seamlessly transitions to a mix of blues and folk, all within the tale of a heart break. But be warned, you won’t be able to get the lyrics out of your head for a few days!

Where do Oskar & Julia get the inspiration for their heartfelt music? Maybe their travels. These two have recently returned from their tour in England, Scotland and Ireland, where gigs at pubs and parties are sure to leave any talented musician’s mind overflowing with ideas. At the moment they are working on new music and performing in Salt Lake City. Within the next few months they will be working on the music videos for their new songsRumbler” and “Hatchet”. Two songs which I’m sure will be a great addition to Oskar & Julia’s charming collection of music videos on YouTube. Anyone who likes great music should subscribe to their channel, and binge through their music videos. I promise it won’t be difficult to fall in love with the sound of their voices.

Follow them on social media as well to find out where their upcoming gigs will be. If they’ll be anything like their performance at Silver Star, expect a few jokes between Oskar and the audience that are sure to get the place laughing and comfortable as Julia strums her guitar and whistles like a song bird. The opportunity to hear these two sing and play music is truly one that should not be missed!

For information on Oskar & Julia visit their official website here. Also, be sure to follow them on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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