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Instantly Up Your Confidence

We’ve all been there, when you’re just not feeling your best. Sometimes it’s a reaction to an extenuating circumstance—while other times the self-doubt seems to hit without warning. No worries though, Her Campus Utah has you covered! Take a peek at these simple confidence boosting tricks; they are surefire ways to improve your mood with minimal effort.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

You know that one friend that is in constant attendance of a major pity party? While you may love her, tonight’s not the night to let her attitude rub off on you. Instead, immerse yourself with the upbeat individuals in your life, and allow their positivity and own self-confidence to be infectious.

Think Posture and Expression

Ok—that ol’ slump is just not doing much for you. Roll your shoulders back, life your chin, and sit up straight, girl! Your stance is a direct reflection of your perceived self-worth… and even if you’re not feeling particularly “worthy,” fake it till you make it. Also, put on a smile! Even if it feels initially insincere, there are high hopes that it will morph into genuine happiness and will up your self-image.

Treat Yourself

Do something that makes you feel undeniably gorgeous—get a blowout, a manicure, or a new lip color. Then go out and show it off! Looking your best leads to feeling your best, so put a little extra effort in it for now. Give yourself some love; because you cannot expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself!

Retreat to that Outfit

Pull out those items that make you feel like a million bucks. Sure, you may feel like you have worn them out so many times that every person you have ever encountered would notice—but truthfully, they won’t, and if they do, who cares. Again, look great and you’ll feel great. So wear that frequented but flattering shirt and rock the jeans that make your legs look long and lean… even if you wore it out last weekend.

Create an Amazing Playlist

Nothing is better than getting ready to music that makes you feel like Queen Bey herself. So take two minutes and create a playlist with all the songs that have uplifted you in the past. A quick search on 8Tracks, Spotify, or Pandora will also do the trick, then have yourself a shameless dance party! Pump yourself up, and your confidence will soar! 

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