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The Instagram Revamp: 5 Accounts to Add Color and Positivity to Your Feed

If you're anything like me, you have not jumped on the trend of deleting your social media and taking the social media cleanse. It's easy to take a deep dive, spending hours scrolling through the various apps and sites to see what is going on in the world. Right now this deep dive can take a tremendous mental toll. There is a lot of harsh realities and division to face.

In spite of all this division there are steps you can take to reclaim a positive Instagram space, the first being aware of who you are following. Adding some color and positivity into the accounts you follow can really help to bring a happy space into your Instagram scrolling. Some motivating words, some colorful and happy pictures, they all do a lot to change the head space you have after your social media time. 

Here are some of the most colorful and positive accounts that everyone could benefit from following!


This account has gorgeous colorful images for every season, holiday, and mood. They have reminders to be thankful and grateful, to check in on your moods, and cute content for self love. It was an instant follow for me!


Another instant follow, this account has the most beautiful and simple art reminders. Their colors are gorgeous, and the art is just as cute as its name.


This account has an incredible mix of content from different methods, from message boards in cities, to images created through different art methods. Their reminders are a perfect pick me up, adding some happiness to every feed. 


MHN is a very well-known account on Instagram with well over a million followers. The art that she puts out is combined with stories and poetry to create some really beautiful content. She shares often and interacts with her follows frequently as well. This is an account I have been following for a long time and have fallen completely in love with!


This is a smaller Instagram account, but another one that I have followed for a while and loved! All of the content is drawn and full of life and color. They are so simple but really put a smile on your face when you see one come up. 

Bonus: @hercampusutah

Of course, the one place that constantly has gorgeous content, color, and positivity is our own Her Campus Utah page!

Add some color, find some postivity, and give these accounts a follow!

Mallory is a sociology major at the University of Utah. She enjoys spending her time catching up on the newest Netflix shows, reading books, or trying to be a little creative.
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