I'm in a Committed Relationship...with Myself

Most of us have been there. Heart-broken with your Ben and Jerry’s in hand in your signature flavor (mine’s Jimmy Fallon’s the Tonight Dough). After you’ve watched all of the romantic comedies that your heart can bear, and you've felt personally victimized by Nicholas Sparks himself, what’s next? Most people will tell you that it’s time to move on, and jump into another relationship and another’s arms. But I’m here to tell you it’s okay not to. It’s okay to not commit to somebody else right away, and instead commit to yourself!

You heard me right, commit to yourself! You are worth it! You’re worth does not come from another human loving you, but it comes from within. Just because you are currently single, does not mean that you are less than anybody else. You are a wonderful person with so many amazing opportunities in life to take. Life handing out opportunities is like Oprah handing out cars. You just have to be looking for them.

In the entire 80-100 year span of your life, these are the few precious years where you get to just focus on you. These are the years where were young enough to stay out late, and can somehow still manage to get up early. These are the years where we can still dye our hair pink, because we feel like it. These are the years where we have no one but ourselves to take care of (for the most part), so put this time to good use. Use that energy and time that you would usually use to care for another person, and put it towards yourself.

Learn what makes you passionate, and do something about it. Go out and make a difference. Take yourself out for for a classy brunch, or a 1am pizza run. Dress up just for the sake of feeling good about yourself. Wear heels, because they make you happy, and not because you’ll see Taylor in your trig class. Buy yourself coffee and flowers to see yourself smile in the mirror. Go on walks, because they’re good for your health and soul. Just wear that shade of lipstick you’ve been thinking about already, and stop worrying what other people will think.

Work on bettering yourself for yourself, and eventually the right person will come along. You’ll get your fairytale ending soon enough. And when the right person comes along, don’t forget to keep making time for yourself because YOU deserve it.

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