If Finals Week Were A Horror Movie

The end of times is drawing near, otherwise known as finals week. I can just smell the overload of coffee, sweat, stress and tears filling the University campus. I bet we’ve all at one point had a nightmare where we dream we missed an exam or quiz, maybe even missed that important lecture in class or forgot our daily dose of deodorant…believe me it goes a long way.  Whatever has had you up in the night, well, let's just say that unwanted reverie has transcended to reality, so the question is…will you survive finals week?

1.The Intro

Remember the beginning of the semester? It was all blue skies and sunshine… Now you’re going to need a sweater to hide your guilt of not studying and maybe a pencil as a weapon to help you survive the "just in case there isn’t a curve." Welcome to the beginning of your own scary movie.

2.Character Development

The world was rooting for you, high expectations, all good vibes…. Now you’re in deep with stress and tear stains on your keyboard and if there were an audience they would scream to “get your sh*t together” but no worries; we all learn from our mistakes... Then again, the title of your horror movie could go “I know what you did last semester…”

3. The Plot

It seemed simple enough; learn, adapt, grow, understand… I mean, we had a syllabus, but after the bumps and bruises that were quizzes, midterms, projects, presentations it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is fairly dim, it makes you want to Scream.

4.Team Allies

Remember the others that were with you from day one, the people that were assigned to your group project? Well the good news is you’re all in this together, you’re all now the ring of the walking dead, the bad you may not all come out alive. And as any good horror movie goes, both the audience and your professor know exactly who is going to make it out alive…maybe. You might be bruised…correction: you will be bruised mentally, physically and spiritually.

5.The Twist

So you managed to crunch in a plan, study, eat, sleep, repeat and have gone with your cohort to fight the descent of final exams, with your trusty pencil, notecards, and brain on overdrive, you are now coming to a close of your last exam…it’s over…you can breathe again…oh wait there’s a twist to this end, check your grades…maybe you survived but your GPA didn’t…


Hey, no matter where you are right now in your personal horror movie, just know that you’re the director of the scenes, you dictate where you go, what happens. Only you can control what happens in your life, you don’t need a script that tells you what to expect next…because in life there are no scripts, but you do have an audience: your family, friends, mentors and campus community we’re all rooting for you, so go ahead and take on the word, one final exam at a time!