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I Wish This Was A Serious Political Article but Actually it’s Just About Ravioli

How much do you think about ravioli? How many days do you find yourself craving the soft cheese pillows? With what frequency do you yearn for the complex carbs in their simple package?

There is one answer, one truth: NOT ENOUGH.


Pizza culture dominates. Chicken nugget culture prevails. Even spaghetti, especially mom’s, gets its well-deserved moment in pop culture. WHY THE EVER-LOVING F*CK AREN’T WE APPRECIATING RAVIOLI MORE?


Food is great. Awesome. Possibly the one pure, true joy in this world. There’s nothing like a burger and fries after you’ve gone too long without food. The experience of 2 am pizza with friends is an unrivaled phenomenon. You can’t claim to love someone if you’ve never eaten pho with them. As a society, we appreciate food quite a bit. We discuss it all the time on social media. The “touch my butt and buy me pizza” movement was an absolute EXPERIENCE of social media these last three years. It’s hard to log into Twitter without seeing someone note the joy of getting food, and then dancing while consuming it.


The situation of under-appreciating ravioli is quite dire. Consider the frequency with which “pizza” is searched or mentioned online, according to trends.google.com:

But ravioli must be googled more, right? Innocent homemakers seeking recipes? Lovers wanting to impress a date? AND YET COMPARE YE, PIZZA TO RAVIOLI GOOGLING.

That blue line? Murmuring across the bottom of the graph, as if fighting to even be a statistic issue, IS RAVIOLI. Pizza crawls proudly, the almighty ruler of cuisine and online discussion.


Sure. Pizza is much easier to make than ravioli. Sure, pizza is a national pastime. Sure.



Ravioli with its soft fluff, its delicate texture. Ravioli is the ballerina of cuisine. It dances across the palate with an elegant and graceful perfection. Ravioli won’t hurt you. Ravioli won’t make you sad. Ravioli won’t cheat on you, or leave you for someone better.


And yes, some naysayers claim to “not like ravioli.” Some people are also bad people. Case closed.


And so may it be suggested that we invite ravioli to the table, include it in discussion, partake in its perfection. And so may we live happier, more delicious, cheesier lives.

Meghan McGinnis is a junior at the University of Utah studying Film and Media Arts (production emphasis) and Theatre, as well as the Director of External Affairs at the University of Utah's HerCampus branch. She's a professional poet, published in Rising Phoenix Press, A Feminist Thread, and more, as well as having competed at the National Poetry Slam (2016, 2017, 2018), Individual World Poetry Slam (2017) and the Women of the World Poetry Slam (2018.) She loves comedy, feminism, history, beauty, and style, if you couldn't tell from her articles. She's passionate about Her Campus, as well as mac n cheese, aioli, and mexican food. Follow her on twitter and insta at @itsdorothybonch and any inquiries can be sent to missmeghanmcginnis@gmail.com
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