I Went Vegetarian: Here's How It Went

Living a vegetarian lifestyle has been proven to benefit both people and our ecosystem. Going on a meat free diet lowers a person’s carbon footprint, which helps our environment. So why isn’t everyone vegetarian? Simple, it’s hard to adapt when you’ve been accustomed to and raised on a meat based diet your whole life. For me, I decided to go vegetarian for the health benefits, and I also wanted to see if my skin could clear up by modifying my daily eats.

My decision to go vegetarian didn’t happen overnight. My interest towards changing what I ate started when I heard people rave about the lifestyle. After hearing so many positive things about it, I decided to do some research. By getting a surface level education on the topic, I realized it was something I could definitely integrate into my current lifestyle. After that, I looked up simple recipes that would work for me and finally, I cut off all meat.

The first week was super difficult for me. Before going plant based, I would eat meat everyday; whether it was a turkey sandwich or chicken salad, it was something I always consumed on a daily basis. I started simple by beginning with salads and sandwiches filled with veggies like cucumbers, peppers, and spinach. By starting out slow, I realized that it would become easier as time went on. By week two and three, I started adding veggie patties, noodles, and meat substitutes like lentils and beans. After those three weeks passed by, I had gotten the hang of it. At least, I thought I had.

I stayed vegetarian for approximately two months. That was when I finally got tired and caved in, and had a hamburger. It was so worth it, but I couldn’t help but feel guilty after finishing my dinner. I think the main factor for me giving in was the whole process and how new I was to it. I got tired of making the same meals and having to prepare my food every night. (Lazy, I know.) I also didn’t realize how many restrictions there can be when eating out and how I would have to look a little harder when finding something that I wanted to eat. I’m also a really picky eater, which didn’t help at all when finding new meals to make.

Although I did stop after two months, I plan to go back to being vegetarian. And when I do, I want to make a few changes and correct the mistakes I made the first time around. I definitely need to do more research and find recipes that fit me. One thing I will definitely keep in mind when trying to go plant based again is to try new things and to not be afraid of new foods and combinations. I also want to try meal prepping my meals, which will make it easier for me to have a healthy and full dinner or lunch everyday. Last but not least, I will without a doubt not turn to junk food when I can’t find something to eat. This was one of my main problems when I got tired of eating what I made. I found that I would rather eat a bunch of unhealthy snacks, which was not good for me.

Going vegetarian has been one of the best things I’ve done in a while. It makes a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day. Around the second week, I felt a difference when I would wake up; not only would it take less time for me to actually get up, but I also felt like I had more energy. I also realized that when I would eat meat, I would overeat all the time, leaving me feeling so full. When I went vegetarian, I ate meals which were healthy serving sizes that wouldn’t leave me wanting more. Good skin was the best part of going vegetarian for me, personally. I saw a noticeable difference in my skin; it wasn’t as dull and my breakouts also started to minimize, which was a plus. This is something I hope everyone will try out once in their life. If I can go vegetarian, honestly, anyone can. It changes you for the better and is definitely a great method for changing your life in a healthy and productive way. Studies have shown that going vegetarian lessens the risk of diabetes, increases your lifespan, and also reduces depression. It just takes hard work, determination, and most importantly, an open mind.

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