I Chopped My Hair Off and I Have Zero Regrets

My hair was down to my nipples and I hacked it all off – Mulan style. (Not really, I went to a salon, but the sentiment is still there). It now only falls halfway down my neck, and I don’t have even a single regret. I feel like a new and improved woman! I’m no longer weighed down by bleach-fried, messy hair that I have to brush and style every day. Chopping my hair off was one of the few impulse decisions I've ever made that was actually for the better. Here’s a few reasons why I'm obsessed with my new short hair:

It feels so much healthier.

I have platinum hair that’s changed colors many a time, so you can imagine the damage my poor stringy hair has suffered through. I tried deep conditioning and using natural treatments, but it was past the point of no return. When I chopped the inches off, I was in disbelief upon feeling how soft my hair was. I didn’t even know it was possible for my hair to feel so good! Making a dramatic cut will refresh your hair and your whole look.


It’s safe to say I’m the cutest I’ve ever been now that my hair is short. Relieving yourself of long strands is physically and emotionally liberating. The compliments on my new look are great, but I feel confident because I did my hair the way I wanted to. Also, my hair bounces when I walk and I look like Anna Wintour.

It’s way easier.

I didn’t even have to brush my hair when I woke up? What black magic is this?? Short hair rarely, if ever, needs to be brushed and looks cute whether it’s styled or not. You can roll out of bed and look put together without even trying. It’s also way faster to wash, dry, and style. Dying it takes less time and effort, too. Short hair is a major time saver across the board!

Men like long hair better.

A man told me that I shouldn’t cut my hair, because he thought long hair was cuter on girls. That’s the exact moment I knew for sure I would chop my hair off. A haircut that looks cute AND is hated by men? Sign me up. Men will, of course, still be weird and creepy towards me, but the more I can rebel against heteronormative standards and the less men like how I look, the better.


Long hair can be beautiful and fun to style, but short hair is just more fun. It’s just science that all girls look cute with short hair. I don’t make the rules! If you’re in need of a life change or a way to update your look, going short is a damn good way to do it. I’m here to vouch for the magical healing power of cutting your hair off.

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