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The Human Experience: Seeing the World on the Big Screen

Sometimes, you need a good cry. Sometimes, you need a good laugh. And sometimes, you need both and to just let it all out. Its okay to feel and show those emotions. Life is hard. College is hard. Work is hard. Hell, being human is hard, but it also has its perks. Perks like that rush when you brush hands with someone you have feelings for. Incredible moments like when you feel the sun on your face after a long thunderstorm, or when the waves crash over your feet burying your feet deeper into the sand. Smells like the falling leaves as the wind blows through them and fresh baked goods. Colors like rainbows and sunsets. There are so many things that make our lives easier and worth enjoying. These things are worth getting out of bed for.

Connection and the human experience are, above all, worth getting out of bed for. Fortunately, though, there are days you can live vicariously through others and their bright colors, passions, and thrills all from the comfort of your bed or couch. As I said before, life is hard and sometimes an escape is exactly what you need.

Here are some suggestions for movies and TV shows to watch and live through another person’s view of the world:



The Host is a fantastic reminder of what it means to be human and embrace your challenges and emotions. You learn about love, life, sacrifice and pain through the main character and you understand internal conflicts better


The Bucket List is a lighthearted film is a great watch but be prepared to cry! This movie teaches you to choose your life, your love, and your death. It is a beautiful journey of living your last days to the fullest and enjoying life while you still have time. This valuable lesson needs to be spread and embraced by people of all walks of life because tomorrow may be your last.


Good Will Hunting is a big middle finger to the snobs and a huge hug for the underdogs. This explores dealing with pain and anger, facing your fears, and taking chances despite all your critics and your worst thoughts about yourself. It is about finding people who love and support you unconditionally and accepting their love.


42 is about fighting the greater battle and not giving into to the naysayers. It is about movements, anger, fear, innovation, and the insurmountable strength all people have within themselves. It is about defying all odds and coming out a better person because of it.


Touch is a tender series about the fascinating and awe-inspiring ways we touch the people around us and the people worlds away. It proves we are never alone, and our decisions never affect just us. It is a reminder of your unique connection to the world and how important you are.

My only request is that after you see these films, you go out and you experience your own piece of the world. You strive to remember we are all connected, and you matter. Give the world a chance, even if it is moment by moment. The world is a vast, magical place and there is so much to experience. Let these films inspire and motivate you to go out and see it. To discover yourself and your passions. To live in the bright colors and embrace the beauty around you.


Kayla Lee

Utah '22

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