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How Will You Spend Your Valentines Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As Valentines Day inches closer and closer by the minute, everyone is starting to think about planning their day for the big ol' mush fest. Well, I'm here to tell you not to worry about it. Quit stressin' kid, I have it all figured out! And by me, I mean the stars and destiny, and what the weather was like the day you were born. 



Because you live for having the bestest of times with your besties, hate being lonely, are prone to being a great listener, and always want to be in a lively atmosphere, going to a comedy show is just the ticket! This way, you can laugh alongside your friends all night, at the love-day jokes the comedian is spilling out, rather than being sad about being lonely this Valentines Day.

Might I suggest the Wise Guys comedy club? It’s a jolly good time.




And can I get a hot tub?! That’s right, you’re going to be spending your V-Day chillin’ out in some steamy bubbles. Pisces are a water sign, and have a weak spot for swimming! Because you genuinely enjoy spending time alone with yourself, but are a big time romantic, you can indulge in some much needed me time by creating a cheesy love song playlist and jammin’ out, sipping on some bubbly or you can share your hot tub with that special someone, while adjusting the playlist to something a little more… intimate? Either way, light those candles!



Looks like you are going to be spending the day ice skating, how fun! Sitting at home and lounging around all night sounds so wasteful to you. You love being active, and are always up for a challenge! When the number of falls start racking up the numbers and you become short tempered, take a hot cocoa break, and cozy up with your company.



Your Valentines Day is looking yummy! Taurus have a special knack for cooking and using their hands so spending the day at a cooking class for two sounds like a dream come true. What can be better than refining your talents, getting messy in the kitchen with a cutie and having fun creating and tasting your new favorite dish!


Try Sur la Table, I’ve heard amazing reviews!




Get your karaoke on, girl! A night out on the town with your girls is just what you need to let loose and have fun. Geminis love meeting new people and are enthusiastic about music. Being the sociable and fun-loving creature you are, singing your current favorite song on stage with your closest gal pals, in front of all your new found friends is the only way you’d want to spend the day!


Make your reservations at Keys on Main!




You are going to spend the night drinking and painting, lucky you! Art pulls at the heart strings of Cancers and they can’t help, but feel drawn to all activities that are centered around art. Drinking with your friends and feeling at piece with creating something new sounds like the perfect way to end your V-Day.


Paint the night away at Painting with a Twist




Because one of Leo’s greatest passions is to be pampered and admired, getting all dolled up to go to the Ballet is just the thing to make you feel like royalty. Dressing to the 9’s to make your S/O’s jaw hit the floor is exactly what you want this Valentines Day.

Ballet West is putting on Cinderella!




You are going to spend the night under the sea at the Aquarium! Virgo’s have a soft spot for animals as they are an earth sign. Admiring the wonders of the sea will help you relax on your date because the atmosphere will be center stage so you don’t have to be! You’ll be able to delve into a deep conversation without pressure with your new cutie as you walk along the bottom of the ocean.

Here’s where you can buy the tickets!




Booking a cabin for the night and staying in is how you will be spending Cupid’s day! You are all about being around like-minded people, and love the outdoors. I can’t think of anything better than being all snuggled up to the people you love most, in a warm cozy cabin. Bring the board games and spin the bottle, if the night lends itself to some flirtation fun!



Oh, Scorpios! We all know what you are going to be doing this Valentines Day. As the most passionate sign, what better way to spend the day that celebrates passion than going to the movie theater and seeing the new 50 Shades movie? Grab your girls and feast your eyes on all that is Christian Grey, and go back home to have some fun girl talk!



Have a blast hitting the slopes this Valentines Day! You are all about feeling free and being close to nature. Travel to a new ski resort with your snow babe and try it out. Warm up next to a toasty fire and talk about all your bucket list destinations and maybe plan the next one together? 



Being the Capricorn that you are, you are a traditionalist. You want to spend the holiday of love the old fashion way: at a romantic dinner for two. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Maybe you are feeling some Italian or a nice steak restaurant? Either way, prepare for the bouquet of roses and all the lovey dovey talk.


So whatever you're doing this Valentines Day, whether it be hot-tubbing with a significant other, or going to a movie with all the girls, everyone at Her Campus Utah wishes you a day full of love!


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