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How to Be Kinder to Yourself This Holiday Season

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

With the holidays coming up, it’s easy for self-deprecation to sneak in. You may feel that certain aspects of your life are not up to society’s par, such as gifts, food consumption, family, etc. However, it’s incredibly important to remember that you are only human, and the holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

Food is fuel. Remember that your body needs nutrition and if you consume more than your daily average, you’re going to be okay. Weight is no longer a number on the scale you have to worry about it. Weight is the measure of how happy you are after a quality meal. Eat what you crave and try not to worry about food more than the moment.

Family is not perfect, and neither are you! Remember families have ups and downs, but they are forever. Try introducing a new game to play with the entirety of your family. Share your true self and express your feelings. Family is a relationship just like any other; they’re with you for the good and the bad, so take action and make the holidays a little less dreadful for yourself and others.

Gifts are only material items. Try to remember that your family cares for your time more than for presents. A sentimental gift is wonderful and a great testament to the holidays. But money is no object when it comes to seasonal greetings, and rather whatever you can afford is as much as anyone expects — as a matter of fact it is more than expected. The holidays are for coming together and creating memories, and it is best for you to approach these days with a content, open mindset.

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