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How to Balance a Long-Distance Relationship Without Forfeiting your College Experience

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When I was in high school, I never envisioned myself going off to college with a boyfriend — ever. In fact, I was very against it. But alas, here I am, living states away from the person I love most with just about two months left of my freshman year of college.

My boyfriend and I have dated long distance for almost two years, seven of those months being while I have been in college. The hardest point of our relationship was my transition into college. Despite already doing long distance, the two hours between us turned into ten, and I was in a completely new state with new people and new priorities. It became difficult for me to find a balance between meeting what seemed to be a million people, starting university, and still being a good companion to my partner who was back at home. It took some time to adjust to our new normal, but eventually, I found a system that allowed me to be an adequate significant other while still living my college experience to the fullest.

Prioritize Communication

It's easy to set your partner and their needs on the back-burner when your own life becomes busy. This can result in them feeling as if they’re not a priority to you anymore. Combat the physical distance by prioritizing communication, such as phone calls and FaceTime calls. Find a balance between spending time with each other and living your own lives. Being open about feelings and practicing honesty with each other will benefit both of you and will provide a healthy environment for the relationship to grow.

Support Each other

Often times, couples end up in long distance relationships because as individuals, they have different goals. Because of this, it is extremely important to be a supportive partner. Discrediting your significant other can lead to tension and divide within the relationship. Rather, aim to inspire and encourage your partner in their endeavors, even if they’re vastly different from your own.

Express Love often

Whether it be positive or negative, it is very important to express how you are feeling to your significant other. It is especially important to express your love for them as well. Don’t assume your partner knows you love them — sometimes you have to make it known. For example, if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, affirming your love can provide comfort and security.

Know when you'll see them next

Plan ahead when it comes to your long-distance relationship. You could decide on a day, week, or even month that you both could be available to make a visit, and even if it is a loose plan, you will both have something to look forward to. This ensures that you and your partner continue looking forward instead of dwelling on the current distance between you.

Long-distance can be challenging, especially during college since you are already going through so many new changes. However, by prioritizing yours and your partner's needs, there is no doubt that you can have a fulfilling and successful relationship, even from miles apart.

Tyler is a first-year Health and Kinesiology student at the University of Utah. She loves spending time at the lake, true crime podcasts, and going to spin bike classes!
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