How to Throw the Best Olympic Opening Ceremonies Party

I have never been that interested in sports, international or otherwise, but every year they have the Olympics, I make an effort to watch every opening ceremony. So even if you are not excited about the games, there is no reason for you to miss the opening ceremonies. The last time Korea held the Olympics was Summer 1988, and even though Korea is in a constant state of war, that doesn't slow them down.

Now we are here with PyeongChang 2018 winter Olympics, and there is not a shadow of a doubt that the opening ceremonies will be good. Do you remember China’s? Amazing. Asian countries always do it better.

You are not going to want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. With that, here are some options to help you throw the best opening ceremonies party!


First, the most important part of throwing a good party is the food. The fist place I went to find fun and creative ideas for food was Pinterest. Here are these way cute kid-friendly, so obviously college kid approved, party foods. I think the pizza definitely going on my table that night.

Healthier options!

What about some popcorn torches to munch on?

Speaking of food, try Korean food, since the games are in Korea. Korea has perfect the art of Asian food, in my humble opinion. Most meals are mainly based on rice, vegetables, and meat. My favorites are spicy cold noodles called bibim naengmyeon and a tofu based soup called soondubu. However, the best foods to try your first time would be any of the grilled meats like galbi, bulgogi, and samgyeopsal. You can never go wrong with marinated meats!



To wash it all down if you drink alcohol, serve international drinks, drinking culture is huge in Korea! Look it up! There are so many crazy tricks for you to try with you international drinks. I have heard the Korean alcohol soju and beer is the ultimate mix. 

Not into alcohol? Try flavored punch in the Olympic colors.

Then to keep the party going all night long try Korean pop music. If you haven’t already caught on to the Korean pop music wave, you need to check out the music. K-pop generally refers to popular music in South Korea. It is considered to be an “all-encompassing” genre with a wide variety of musical and visual elements. Typically, K-pop consists of a mixture of pop, rock, hip hop, and R&B genres.

Do you remember those chocolate coins? Well when all said and done, give the gift of chocolate, chocolate medals to be exact. You have conquered and you deserve a medal of honor for bringing together everyone for the event of the year.

I also want to remind everyone that even though the parties and food are great, there is a real reason why the Olympics are held every 2 years. Today the purpose of the Olympics is to promote peace and unity with our international brothers and sisters through sports. The most amazing part is that the founder saw the games as a way to bring enemies together, like South and North Korea playing under one flag this year.

Most importantly, in Korea how you say good luck is fighting, usually paired with a upward fist pump. Go pull off the party of the century! Go team USA! USA FIGHTING!

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