How to Survive a Long Flight

Feeling wanderlust? Airline travel is always the worst part: the expensive flights, layovers, luggage restrictions, busy airports, and the dreaded middle seat. Keep reading for all my tips and tricks to making airline travel not so terrible. 


Booking your flight 

There is nothing worse than booking a flight at a bad time and spending wayyyy more than you should on a flight. Booking at least one to two months in advance should be a good rule of thumb and consider using discount air websites! Picking an airline based on which ones actually let you check bags for free (Southwest’s two free bag policy, for example) is always smart, too!



You may be savvy, but the airlines are always savvier. Pack all important items (passport, visa, medications, etc) in your carry-on. Make sure to pack what you could need for one to two days in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost, because it's always a possibility, unfortunately. Also consider checking your carry-on at your actual gate to avoid having to put it in the overhead compartment and wheel/carry around your bag during layovers. (This is always free and typically encouraged by the airline!) 




Red-eyes are sometimes a lot cheaper and a better option for long, international flights. A few simple essentials can ensure that your in-flight sleep will be as comfortable as possible! For me, an eye mask is a must since they typically will turn on lights for beverage or food service, which can really disrupt your sleep! I also like to pack ear plugs to avoid the in-flight announcements and the yelling baby in the row behind. A neck pillow and a cozy jacket or long scarf also are perfect substitutes for a pillow and a “blanket” to give you the comfiest sleep. If you struggle with falling asleep on planes like I do, I suggest bringing along some ZzzQuil to make sure you can actually fall asleep. 



In-flight entertainment 

For those of you who can't sleep on a flight, or just prefer not to, plan ahead and download any essential apps to receive free WiFi in-flight. Consider downloading music, Netflix shows and movies, or any games you want to keep you entertained on your long flight. I also seem to always forget snacks when I travel, so definitely don't be like me and pack some snacks for when you get hungry during your flight! 



At your seat! 

I like to pack hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to wipe down my seat and tray table. There is nothing worse than getting sick on the first day of your trip, so cleaning down the germy surfaces really helps! Drinking an Emergen-C the night before or even on your flight really helps, too. In addition to making your seat clean, it's important to keep your skin clean as well! I try to wear no makeup when I travel since the air is so dry during a flight and sleeping in makeup is never a good idea. I like to wash my face before I get on the plane and apply a light moisturizer to keep my skin from drying out! 



Consider these tips for your next long flight to make it a little more bearable! A bad flight can really ruin the start to a fun vacation, so following a few simple steps can really make your experience so much better. Bon Voyage! 

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