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How to Save A TON of Money in College

Attending a large university in a big city can be very expensive. Not only will tuition, cost of books, and every other school expense cost you dearly, but the cost of living in a big city can also hurt your wallet. Most college students will feel pressed for cash before they get their diploma, but following some of these simple tips can significantly reduce money stress during your college career with minimal work. 


Share your entertainment accounts –

The internet accounts that we pay for are very helpful for our day to day lives, but they can be really expensive (and will quickly add up). However, sharing your parents’ or roommate’s Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Spotify premium accounts can save you a lot of money. Whether this means sharing an account and splitting the cost, or just mooching off of your parents, trying this trick will make a big difference in your monthly costs. If you don’t want to share your accounts for some reason, try using your student ID to take advantage of the many discounts these companies have .to offer. For example, by using your student ID number, you can get Hulu, Showtime, and Spotify premium as a package for just $5 a month. These discounts are everywhere, you just have to look for them.


Utilize campus resources – 

Campuses realize that some students might be strained financially, so they are constantly holding free events for students where you can get countless free items. Most campuses will hand out free t-shirts, pens, markers, and other school supplies at all of their tabling events. Also save money by taking advantage of free heated spaces, free transportation, and occasionally free food around all around campus. You are already paying for most of these things with your tuition bill so why not take advantage of it?


Investigate while shopping (and grocery shopping) – 

Shopping can be a very expensive pastime in a big city, but going in prepared can save you more than you realize. By doing a little digging beforehand for coupons or upcoming sales, you can get all of your favorite items at a bargain price. Also, keep an eye out for people selling things like textbooks, computers, furniture, and other accessories on social media websites for super cheap. Doing a little more work can also help you when it comes to grocery shopping. By avoiding name brand foods and paying attention to the little tabs that say “price per ounce” rather than the total price of your product can save you a lot in the long run. If you have to shop, shop at cheap stores, and keep an eye out for sales events.


Be environmentally friendly – 

This may sound a little weird, but being environmentally conscious can really help you save money over time. Using as little gas as possible is a great example of this. By riding a bike, carpooling, taking public transportation, or walking, you can save a few bucks. Also, using reusable items like water bottles and cloth bags can save you a fortune in most places. Not having to spend the extra $2 a day on a water bottle or spending 10¢ on each bag you use can really put a lot of money back into your pocket, and because of this fact, most things that help the environment are very affordable.


Sell stuff you don’t need – 

This may seem a little obvious, and you may not want to sell your stuff, but this is a very fast and easy way to both make money and save money. Odds are you are surrounded by things you don’t use at all, so sell them! If you were to clean out your room of things you haven’t used in the past year, you would probably make upwards of $100. It is also very convenient to sell things online nowadays; the internet makes this extremely easy.


Make food at home – 

Going out for food costs a lot of money. The average meal at a fast food restaurant costs $6, so if you eat out often, you could be spending a significant amount of money on food alone. Making a meal at home could save the average person over $35 a month. If you have to go out, save yourself some money by ordering something cheap and drinking water. Making food at home to cut costs also applies to coffee! By making coffee at home rather than going to Starbucks, you will save yourself a fortune. Cooking from home will not only be cost effective, but it will also help you to learn a new skill and give you an opportunity to impress your friends and your family.


Write down all of your expenses – 

This can be a very helpful tip when trying to save money. Writing down all of your expenses over a week or a month can help you be mindful of just how much money you are spending, and it will most likely make you spend less or not buy things that you really don’t need. By writing down the cost of everything you buy, you can be aware of your expenses and help yourself be more frugal. 


Saving money in college can be a pretty difficult and tedious thing, but by utilizing these simple tips, eventually, being frugal will just come as second nature. With these tips, you can save an unbelievable amount of money each year and help pay for your college costs with ease.



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Mariah Iverson is a senior studying sociology at the University of Utah. She grew up in Apple Valley, California and moved to Utah to be closer to her family. She enjoys listening to music, reading, cooking, drawing, traveling, and helping others. She enjoys writing about her favorite TV shows, cooking, LGBTQ experiences, and advice, and in her free time she can be found laying on the ground outside taking in the world. Enjoy Mariah's articles and everything she has to offer!
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