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How to Pamper Yourself like a Khaleesi

It is extremely important to take time for yourself and find an hour or two to relax and unwind for many reasons - like trying to keep your sanity or just because you deserve it. This type of self-care is vital for recharging yourself to prevent burning out. It is important to remember that everyone is a queen, so here are some crazy and maybe a little bit scary ways to pamper yourself like a Khaleesi.

  1. Vampire Facials

These facials are definitely not for the faint of heart. They take a tiny needle and make small incisions all over your face that actually bleed, leaving your skin rejuvenated. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian swear by this extreme skin care treatment. This facial may look terrifying, but it is supposed to promote healing and give you a radiant glow.

2. Dragon Egg Bath Bombs

These amazing Game of Thrones-themed bath bombs will make anyone feel like a true Mother of Dragons while helping you unwind from a long day of ruling Westeros. You just place your dragon egg into a bath filled with warm water and wait for the magic of watching your baby dragon hatch.

3. Hot Cupping

Placing hot cups all over your back may not seem like the best way to pamper yourself,but every Khaleesi has to try this. The heat and suction of the cups are designed to release any tension being held in your muscles, allowing more soothing relaxation. Trust me - you will not be disappointed in this spa treatment.

4. Snake Massages

If you thought the blood facial was insane, then check out this wickedly scary snake massage. They actually cover your entire body with live snakes that are supposed to slither around you to massage and unwind all of your tense muscles.


With these totally badass ways to pamper yourself, no one will even think about messing with the Khaleesi or her Kingdom.


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