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How to Optimize Your Bedtime Routine for the Best Sleep of Your Life

I’m exhausted. You’re exhausted. Everybody’s exhausted! If you're tired of being tired, there are options available to help you get the rest you need! No matter who you are or what your daily schedule is, there are always new strategies you can implement to improve your sleep. Try these tips to get out of your funk and into dreamland.

Make Your Bed

A good sleep environment is critical to your sleep (groundbreaking, I know). Where is a better place to start improving your environment than the place where you actually lie down to sleep? Making your bed (and I don’t mean just in the morning— you can totally leave your bed disheveled until you make it just to crawl into bed) can help you dedicate your bed to actual SLEEP. Also, during cold months, having your blankets in order actually makes your bed warmer, which just makes your bed that much cozier! 

Consider Investing in a Noise Machine

You have no idea how much noise you have to deal with until it is suddenly gone, replaced by soothing white noise. You can find several different types of white noise machines at pretty reasonable prices online. I have one with several different noise settings, and my favorite is blue noise. It's definitely an improvement over the annoying, monotonous buzz of the fridge or cars driving by on nearby roads.

Blue Light Filter

Honestly, going to bed without any technology at all is what’s best— but that’s not gonna happen (not for me, at least; I fall asleep with my phone still in my hand). So here’s the next best thing— a blue light filter. It helps dull the yellow light from your screen, which tells your brain to stay awake. Chances are, you already have this as an option in your phone. If you can’t find it in your settings, there are several apps that do the same thing for free. For your computer screen, there are blue light filtering glasses that are both helpful and stylish.

The next time you find your shut-eye hard to come by, try these tips. These are only a few of the potential ways to make your sleep the best that it can be, but they are powerful techniques. Find a bedtime routine that works for you. It's amazing just how much easier and more promising life seems when you have enough rest. Goodnight, everyone!


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