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How to lose someone in 5 ways

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Love has so many meanings and there are so many ways to go about the concept. It can also be said that to fall in love is actually easy in comparison to falling out of love. Being a part of this generation, has probably also made most of us indifferent to the feeling. This is the generation where most of us have divorced parents or have had broken relationships.

We were taught how love works and how to go about it with multiple unhealthy understandings.

When we struggle with relationships in most cases it’s because we’re all stuck in an abstract mindset of what is considered endearing or not.

When you first fall in a relationship, you feel like the world is actually under your feet and you’re literally on top of the world. The love you are being given is so new and so fresh and everything is bubbles and fireworks. But after everything settles down, and the Honeymoon phase is gone, those strings you two both tied at first become un-twined and you begin to realize that things aren’t what they used to be.

Welcome to How to lose someone in 5 ways.


In this day and age putting in effort into a relationship distracts from gratification because it appears to some as either uncool or too clingy.


When immersed in a sea full of fish, it’s hard to decide what you actually want. It’s so easy to meet and talk to new people with tools like Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, etc. And with that, fear of committing to someone develops because you might limit your options if you do.


This generation has become quite modern compared to the generation our parents were raised in. To explain this better, the Idea of sex has become casual. And with the development of contraceptives and them becoming readily available, our mindset has changed to do what makes us happy. An example would be feminism making women more able to be independent, which then in the end changes dating norms and expectations. Which in some cases allows selfishness to grow.


Our generation hands down has a misconception of what dating really is. We have that awkward “talking” stage which is confusing as hell. That’s the stage where you and the person you’re in like with aren’t exclusive nor have you established what you two are as a couple, but have some sort of relationship. The term itself basically means its ok to grow attachment yet it’s also ok to be open to other options. Like what?

Social media

Technology has grown these past years. The development of snap chat, tinder, twitter, etc. has made it very easy for others to become involved in other lives. Putting your relationship on the web makes it more accessible for others to spill their opinions on your relationship’s ingenuity.

Overall, loving someone is hard to do. Putting yourself out there and managing to find a human being that is of your standards is a tough task. And we just hope that you find a way to avoid any heartbreaks this year.

XOXO Her Campus

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor