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How to Look Your Best this Winter Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Fall is flying by­—as it usually does in Utah­­. As we approach closer to the winter season, most of us just want a place to shelter from the bitter, cutting winds of Jack Frost. Unfortunately, most of us still need to go outside for various errands. Why not make this frosty season your fashion runway? Ditch last year’s turtlenecks and boot cut jeans. Make heads turn and melt the chill with the hottest look of the season.

1. Zip it up

Before you combat the terrible monster from the Land of Freezing-My-Arms-Off, you’re incomplete without a trusty puffer jacket. Puffer jackets are the perfect impenetrable walls of warmth, just right for any winter outing.

Pocket-Detail Funnel Neck Puffer from Boohoo, $42

2. Seats are cold

When it comes to bundling up, it seems like we are always forgetting our poor derriere. Imagine waiting in the cold for your date to pick you up. You’re already freezing, rubbing your hands together trying to keep warm. They finally turn the corner in their open Jeep. You’re disappointed, but the seats will be fabric, right? Wrong. They’ve replaced the normal fabric with metal seats. Your poor bum suffers. This is where insulated skirts save the day. They’re sleek, insulated and will most importantly cover your tush.

Alaska Long Down Skirt from Skhoop, $199

3. Go all out

Why bother going out in the wintertime when you can’t make it Utah Fashion Day? Add an extra accessory to your outfit. Don a cape or a cute hat to shield those ears. Wear some non-slip booties to prevent the next slip-a-thon.

Frozen Assets Fur Hat from Dolls Kill, $25

Good job, you did it. The Ezra Miller transformation is complete. You’ve revamped from just another Utah resident to the next high fashion runway queen. Be safe out on the roads, collegiate! Don’t create too many traffic accidents with your eye-catching look.


A girl studying Journalism at the University of Utah. When she is not writing, Nina enjoys novels, her cute dog, dancing in the air and buying excessive amounts of skincare that she doesn't need. 
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor