How to Look Great Sustainably

Sustainability has become a hot topic as we continue to learn the effects of our excessive use of resources. By now most of us are aware of the disastrous results of single-use plastics and carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. However, the textile industry’s contribution to pollution and climate change is often overlooked. The National Resources Defense Council claims that the apparel industry is responsible for one-fifth of the world’s water pollution. Not only is the environment harmed in the modern textile industry, but hundreds of thousands of employees within these markets are exposed to hazardous chemicals, high noise levels, and poor working conditions. 

If you are anything like me, this information probably made you seriously consider becoming a nudist, but worry not! There are several ways that you can dress in the morning knowing your fashion choices are both adorable AND responsible. 

Here are six ways to look cute sustainably!


  1. 1. Research

    Before you lay your card down to buy a new item of clothing, take some time to research the manufacturer. Try to buy clothing from brands that provide good working conditions for their employees, including their international employees. Also, look for companies that reduce harmful chemicals and use eco-friendly materials. The Fair Wear Foundation has an awesome list that you can use to find a brand's dedication to eco and employee-friendly production methods. 


    Click here to see the FWF’s list  

  2. 2. Quality over Quantity

     You don’t need a hundred tops and fifty bottoms to look amazing. Look for clothing that will last you a long time that you can pair with several pieces. It is better to purchase one item for $100 that will last you ten years than 10 items for $10 each that will last a year respectively. 

  3. 3. Get Thrifty

    Thrifting is probably the most obvious way to get awesome clothing that is eco-friendly. Not only does thrifting increase the lifespan of an article of clothing and reduce waste, but it’s also way cheaper than purchasing new clothes. Thrifting is also one of the easiest ways to get super unique and fashionable pieces. 

  4. 4. Think Before You Throw Out Clothing

    More often than not, clothing can continue to be used in one way or another. Repairing your clothes allows you to continue to use pieces you love, donating let’s someone else look spectacular in items you are no longer using, and upcycling lets you update your wardrobe without actually buying new clothes. 

  5. 5. Rent and Swap Clothing

    Rent clothes that you will only ever wear once or twice, such as formal wear. Swap clothing with friends or using sites such as Swap Style. This is both eco-friendly and really fun! There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an item of clothing you’ll only wear once and swapping your clothes updates your wardrobe for free!

    Click here to check out Swap Style 

  6. 6. Only Wash Your Clothes When Needed

    You don’t actually need to wash your jeans after every single use. Washing your clothes only when needed increases the life span of your items and reduces water waste. Check out the handy chart below to see how often you actually need to wash your items.

I love fashion and I love our planet!  Dressing sustainably is the perfect way to show a little love to the planet while also looking your best.

Now, go forth and get thrifty! 

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