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How to Keep Yourself Entertained While Fighting the Flu

Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to say it but flu season is upon us, and it is brutal! Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself entertained while you are resting in bed and also coughing until you can’t breathe because the flu is a b*tch (‘: 

Watch “Grace and Frankie”

Ahh, this is my favorite show! Season six is now streaming on Netflix, and it’s only 13 episodes so you can totally binge this season (or series) while you are resting up. Not only is it ridiculously funny, but it‘s also a show that doesn’t require too much concentration — which is perfect when you are drugged up with a bunch of medicine!!


Paint Your Nails

I painted my nails three times during the week I was sick because I couldn’t smell a thing! If you are sensitive to the smell of nail polish or acetone, this is the perfect time to paint your nails. You also don’t have to worry about smudging them because chances are you’re not going to leave your bed.

Catch up on Some Reading

If you are feeling a little anxious about missing class, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading you might be falling behind on. I made sure to keep a couple of textbooks ready at hand next to the pile of used tissues just in case I felt like being productive. 

Gracefully Fall Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

You’ve got all the time in the world to waste when you aren’t attending class, so why not watch a video of a small pug riding a horse?

Watch “The Bachelor”

Season 24 is currently airing and the drama is exquisite *chef’s kiss*. The producers really outdid themselves! The season just started, so it’ll be easy to keep yourself up to date with the rest of Bachelor Nation. If you’re not an avid member of said nation, at least now you’ll be able to understand the memes circling Twitter instead of scrolling right past them.

Contemplate Your Goals and Aspirations in Life

Beyonce’s goals and aspirations in life are to be happy — what are yours?

Watch “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” on Netflix

If you don’t care for sports but love a good scandal, this is for you! I didn’t even know who Aaron Hernandez was before this three-episode docu-series came out, but now I can confidently tell you that he played alongside Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, and played in the Super Bowl after murdering two innocent people.

Register to Vote

Utah allows you to register to vote online, so why not do it from your very bed? You don’t have to worry about getting anyone else sick, plus you’ve got the time. The election will be here before you know it and your voice matters. If you want change to happen, vote! Here’s a link to the voter registration website.

The most important thing to do while sick is to rest up. Your body is already drained from fighting the illness, so take it easy on yourself. Skip class or call in sick to work. Your health is a priority!


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Farah majoring in sociology and minoring in political science. She is the Director of Recruitment and Director of Social Media of Her Campus Utah for the 2020-2021 school year. She loves painting with coffee and drinking lemonade.
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