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How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Dry Utah Weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Utah is a great place to live, and has so many perks. One downside, however, is the parched climate. Our weather is dry and hot in the summer and dry and cold in the winter. In summary, IT’S SO DRY. Us combination dry or dry skin gals probably suffer every winter with flaky skin, tightness, etc. Even after living in Utah my entire life, I don’t have a perfect routine down for when my skin starts getting flaky, but with my accumulated experience, here are some things you can use and do to keep your skin looking moisturized and fresh.


1. Water, water, water!

Did you think I was going to start out this article without mentioning the most important factor? Drinking water is key to retaining skin moisture. I admit, I should probably be drinking more of this (Oops!), but making sure your internal body is getting the hydration it needs is a big step towards good skin.

2. Humidity?

“It’s as dry as a desert!” We live in a desert state, for heaven’s sake. Our humidity levels are basically nonexistent. Especially in the winter where our heaters are on full blast, the little humidity we might have had, is completely depleted. This is where a humidifier comes in. This handy little (or big) tool is a great way to get some moisture into your air. Keep one in your house, apartment, or room. Plus, with a few drops of essential oils, you can enjoy the smell as well.

3. Never Enough Moisture

I want to be slathered in lotion every day, 24/7. I can never get enough of this holy salve. Be sure to apply lotion every morning and night. Pat some onto the body after a hot shower too. And if lotions don’t suffice, vitamin E oil is a pretty great addition. For face lotions, I recommend Kiehl’s, Clinique, The Ordinary, and Neutrogena. For the body, I recommend Jergens, The Body Shop Body Butter, and Bath&Body Works body creams.

4. Bye-bye, dead skin

It is so important to scrub that dead skin off your face, and Utah’s winter inversion can cause a lot of damage to the skin too. Don’t do this every day, because that only dries out the skin more. Only use an exfoliator once or twice a week to rub off some of that nasty flakiness. I recommend Frank Body, Holika Holika, and Skinfood

I know it’s not easy maintaining perfect, dewy skin in the dead cold of Utah winter, but hopefully with these tips, it can be easier to start!

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A girl studying Journalism at the University of Utah. When she is not writing, Nina enjoys novels, her cute dog, dancing in the air and buying excessive amounts of skincare that she doesn't need. 
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