How I Revamped My Style Just in Time For Fall

Going into this fall season, I wanted to do a simple revamp of my style because I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I liked what I wore, but I wanted to be more adventurous and try more trends that would make me “face my fashion fears.” I wasn’t quite sure where to start, but I knew I couldn’t spend a lot of money, and I wanted to keep the core of my style (which I still liked).

First, I got advice from some friends whose fashion sense I admired. I took them shopping with me, had them okay purchases I was going to make online, and even got their advice on how to style clothes that I currently own. I knew I didn’t want to completely copy their style, so instead I took elements that I liked and applied them to the clothes I already had. Getting their advice on what looked good and what didn’t gave me a fresh perspective on some outfits that I already had, and it gave me new ideas. My friends also helped me feel confident in whatever I tried on, which helped me feel comfortable with trying out new styles.

I knew I didn’t have a lot of money, so I had to find places where I would be able to buy clothes and still be able to pay rent next month. Again, I went to some friends for advice, and they told me about some good thrift shops around Salt Lake City that have fashionable clothes for an affordable price. I went to Pib’s Exchange to try and find some new fall outfits that would fit into my new style. I also looked online at some discount websites such as SHEIN, which has stylish new clothes at extremely affordable prices. By discovering this discount website, I was able to find a couple of new outfits and some jewelry, all while maintaining a reasonable budget. 

Because I had found places that had cheaper clothes, I felt like I could try out different things. It would be okay if I didn’t like them in the long run because I didn’t spend a fortune on them. At the thrift store I found a wrap dress, which doesn’t seem like a big fashion risk; I had never found a wrap dress that I felt comfortable in or that I loved, however, so by buying this, I picked something stylish that I would stay away from in most stores. Online, I tried to find shirts and sweaters in colors that I didn’t already have in my closet. I am a creature of habit, so often when I like clothes, I will buy a couple in different colors or stick to similar styles. So, even by buying stuff in a different color I was diversifying my wardrobe, which allowed me to keep wearing the outfits I had while still incorporating new styles. 

I also revisited some of the stores where I regularly shop. I wanted to revamp my style, not lose what I had already developed, so I went to some stores I knew I liked and saw what they had for the new season. Knowing that I was already happy with what they had, I felt like I could check out some things I had always wanted but never had the courage to try out. I brought someone who would make me feel good in anything I wanted to try, so with their encouragement I was able to be confident in something I would have normally stayed away from. 

These easy tips helped me simply revamp my fashion for the new season. These small changes made me feel like I had a whole new style with some minor adjustments, and just in time for fall!

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