How To Cheer Yourself Up

It can feel like you’re in the bottom of a pit when you’ve had a bad day, and we can’t always rely on other people to pull us out. It’s good to know we have our own back and can help ourselves feel better when we’ve had a rough time. And we don’t always need some drastic event to suddenly bring us out of a funk; I find it's often the little things that make or break our moods. So, whether you’ve had a bad day, week, or month, here’s a list of how you can get yourself out of the dump.


1. Create a playlist for yourself

This is my personal favorite. Sit down and dedicate anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour creating a playlist for yourself compiled of songs that make you feel good about yourself and life. Include songs that make you want to break out into song and dance! Get that adrenaline pumping. Give it a cool name, my playlist name goes back and forth between, “You’re the Shit” and “You’ve Got This”. Having this playlist can help put you back in a good mood, or just get you even more pumped for an upcoming event or interview you might be excited or nervous for.


2. Keep sweet notes, texts, letters, and voicemails from friends and family

Saving the sweet texts that made you smile, a sticky note from a friend, or a silly voicemail from your mom is a great way to remind yourself that people love and care about you. We’re only human, and sometimes we need reminders to validate that we appreciated by others.


3. Keep a rainy-day fund for yourself and take yourself on a date

Start putting away a few dollars here and there into a jar or bank account reserved for the days when the world feels a little too overwhelming. Use it to take yourself on a date somewhere you enjoy, maybe a bookstore or the movies, or just order yourself some delivery food and stay home to relax!


4. Write out how you feel

It’s a form of therapy to write out your emotions, they’re being released in a thoughtful format that further identifies what you’re upset about in life, and it always feels better once you get all of it out. If you aren’t feeling like verbally venting to anyone about how you feel, write it down and then burn or rip it up!


5. Watch funny dog or baby videos

Simply watching other people or animals doing funny tricks or making weird noises and laughs can hopefully give you a little smile and make your day a little brighter. Especially the “try not to laugh” videos, here’s the link!


 And if that video doesn’t pull a laugh out of you - we have other problems to worry about. Now go out and make today great!