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How to be Basic On a Budget

Let’s be real…looking good can be expensive. Even if you aren’t looking for brand names, shopping can be a challenge in trying not to make your wallet start crying. However, do not fear! Your penny-pinching writer is here!  Here are some tips on how to look fabulous, despite your bank account.


1. Set up a hand-me-down system with any rich friends you might have.

One of the benefits of having rich friends is their propensity for shopping, and, therefore, having plenty of stuff to give away. It never hurts to ask!

2.  Quality Over Quantity

 When picking out new clothes, inspect very carefully to make sure no threads are coming loose, and there are no stains. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you should get it.

3. Become a queen of the coupon

You’d be surprised how easy it is to find coupons, for almost anything! Just google the store you’re at, and most likely something will come up.


4. Hand me downs don’t have to come from people you’re close to…

Remember your mom’s friend’s daughter, who you kind of knew in high school, but not really? Well, she has great fashion sense, why not benefit? And that one cousin who’s your size, why not text her?


5. Go to second hand and thrift stores on a regular basis if you want to find the really good stuff.

Especially when it comes to places like Ross, the good stuff sells fast. Since inventory of good thrift stores is continually changing, frequent a few about once a month to find the best quality for you buck.


6. Don’t go to the wrong thrift stores…

Just because it’s well known, doesn’t mean it has good stuff. Goodwill, for example, usually doesn’t have the kind of stuff fashionistas are looking for. The best thrift stores in SLC are Pib’s Exchange, Savers, and Thrift on 33rd (also called the Assistance League).


Happy thrifting!

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